How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With a Lawyer

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    January 8 2019

    Many people who are meeting with an attorney for the first time are nervous and do not know what to expect.  Below, you will find our advice for people who have never spoken with an attorney before. If you follow this advice, you will maximize the productivity of your first visit.

    Check Out Our Website

    The information that we provide on our website is intended to answer the most common questions that potential clients have.  While the information on our website is for informational purposes and cannot be construed as legal advice, it will give you a better understanding about the types of law we practice and provide some basic information about different types of court cases.  

    Anthem Injury Lawyers’ Tips on How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With a Lawyer

    If you have questions about your job, our Employment Law page is a great place to start.  If you have questions about personal injury claims, you may want to take a look at our Personal Injury page or our Personal Injury FAQs.

    Write a List of Questions

    We encourage you to come to your first meeting with a list of questions that you can refer to.  When you are at your first meeting, you will find it easier to remember everything that you and your loved ones wanted to ask if you have written the questions down.

    Prepare Your Contact Information

    When you visit our law offices, we will want to know who you are and how to best contact you.  Be prepared to provide your: home address, work address, employer’s name and address, home phone number, mobile phone number, and email address.

    Bring Copies of All Relevant Documents

    If you have any documents that are relevant to your case, we encourage you to bring them with you to your first meeting.  These papers will enable us have a better understanding of your case and allow us to give you more accurate legal advice.

    What constitute relevant documents will depend on your legal problem.  For example, if you’ve been in a car accident you should bring: copies of a police report, medical records, receipts, correspondence from the insurance companies, the other driver’s information, estimates and repair records, and financial information related to any wage loss (pay stubs or recent tax returns).

    Your Secrets are Safe with Us

    A law firm is a safe environment where attorney-client privilege applies.  Everything that we discuss in our office will be protected as confidential information unless you give us permission or an ethical law requires us to disclose it.

    If you have questions about exactly what is protected by the attorney-client relationship, we would be happy to explain it to you during your free initial consultation.

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