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Do You Know Our Top Motorcycle Safety Tips?

This month a motorcyclist tragically died days after being in a crash in the central valley. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence in Las Vegas. Even more tragically, motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in traffic crashes. We want everyone to be safe when they are driving in Las Vegas. Below we will provide our top motorcycle safety tips for drivers and riders.

Do You Know Our Motorcycle Safety Tips?

A Christmas afternoon crash killed a motorcyclist in south Las Vegas. This death marked the 100th traffic fatality on Las Vegas Metro Police patrolled roads for 2020. Earlier in the month, another motorcyclist tragically lost his life in a crash with a car. These accidents demonstrate that motorcyclists are at risk. Not just in Las Vegas, but across the United States.

Do You Know Nevada Moped Laws?

A man recently lost his life in a motor scooter crash near Boulder Highway and King Street. The crash occurred when the motor scooter hit a loaded shopping cart being pushed across the street by a pedestrian. The man was thrown from his motor scooter and later died from his injuries. This tragic accident reminds us to focus on safety on the roads.

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