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Category: Car Accident
Are Deadly Las Vegas Crashes on the Rise?

A string of deadly accidents last month has Las Vegas residents wondering if Las Vegas crashes are on the rise. This is troubling news considering that last year was the deadliest year in the last 13 years on Nevada roadways. We can't answer whether Las Vegas crashes are on the rise just yet.

Category: Car Accident
What’s Your Animal Collision Knowledge?

As the weather cools and the days grow shorter, drivers face an increased risk of a vehicle-animal collision. We want you to be prepared for any danger you encounter on the road, including animals. Here, we test your animal collision knowledge to raise awareness about this driving danger.

Is Hitchhiking Legal?

An iconic symbol of past generations is the roadside traveler waiting with their thumb up for a ride. The popularity of hitchhiking in America has fluctuated over the years. Currently, hitchhiking isn't the preferred form of travel. However, it is still relied on by some. Does that mean hitchhiking is legal? It depends. Here, we look at hitchhiking laws across the U.S.

Category: Car Accident
Do You Know What To Do in a Vehicle Fire?

The saying "where there is smoke, there is fire" became all too literal this month when Las Vegas Fire and Rescue had to rescue a driver from a car fire. Reportedly, their vehicle caught fire after it crashed through a fence and landed on its side in a wash. If you smelled smoke, would you know what to do if your vehicle caught fire?

Do You Know Nevada Speed Laws?

North Las Vegas Police are investigating a fatal crash that took place when a vehicle ran into a pole. Speed was reportedly believed to be a factor in the incident. Unfortunately, this driver is not the only person on Nevada roads that will lose his life to speeding. In Nevada, speed accounts for nearly one-third of all traffic deaths.

Do You Know Nevada’s Seat Belt Laws?

Two Las Vegas-area residents tragically lost their lives last month. They both sadly died after their vehicle collided with two big rigs on Highway 132. The two individuals were ejected from the vehicle. Neither were wearing seat belts. This type of tragedy is too common on our roadways.

Category: Car Accident
Are Las Vegas Drivers the Worst?

Proceed with caution if you are driving on Las Vegas roads. According to a study by an insurance comparison platform, Las Vegas is among the cities with the worst drivers. Below, we will discuss the best and worst driving cities. We will also provide tips to avoid being the worst driver.

Category: Car Accident
Do You Know How to Drive in Wildfire Smoke?

Las Vegas residents may want to exercise caution before venturing outside. The Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability has issued an alert. It is for smoke and ozone due to wildfire smoke drifting in from neighboring California. This smoke is harmful to your lungs and can cause dangerous driving conditions.

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