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Is Your Child’s Car Seat Up To Par?

Children are our most precious and fragile passengers.  Sadly, motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death of children. If you are in a motor vehicle accident, a car seat is the only protection your child has against injury. Yet, seven out of every ten child safety seats are installed improperly. Here we will discuss car seat safety to keep your youngest passengers safe.

We hope these tips help to keep you safe. However, if another party injures you or a loved one in a car accident, seek medical help immediately. Once you have sought medical care, you should seek legal help from a personal injury lawyer who specializes in car accidents. A personal injury lawyer will assist you with dealing with the insurance company and getting you compensation to pay for your medical bills.

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Nevada Car Seat Laws

Nevada Revised Statute 484B.157 requires all children under age six who weigh less than 60 pounds to be secured in a child restraint system. The child restraint system must be approved by the United States Department of Transportation. It must be appropriate for the size and weight of the child. It must also be installed within and attached safely and securely to the motor vehicle:

  1. In accordance with the instructions for installation and attachment provided by the manufacturer of the child restraint system; or
  2. In another manner that is approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Selecting the Car Seat

Your child’s car seat may be one of your most important purchases. Selecting the right car seat involves a multitude of factors including your child’s age, height, and weight. These factors will change over time and as your child grows, you will need to update and change your selection.

Car Seat Finder

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides a Car Seat Finder to help you select the right car seat for your child. With the Car Seat Finder, enter your child’s age, height, and weight and it provides car seat types that fit your child.

Car Seat Safety Tips

Caring for your child is a huge responsibility. Use the following tips to help keep your child safe in your car:

  • Select a child seat based on your child’s age and size.
  • Choose a child seat that fits in your vehicle. Not all car seats fit in all vehicles. Test the car seat to make sure it fits in your vehicle.
  • Use the child seat every time.
  • Refer to your specific car seat manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Read the vehicle owner’s manual on how to install the car seat using the seat belt or LATCH system. Check the height and weight limits.
  • Keep your child in the car seat for as long as possible. As long as the child fits within the manufacturer’s height and weight requirements.
  • Keep your child in the back seat at least through age 12.

Child Seat Best Practices

Selecting the correct child seat as your child grows can feel overwhelming. There are resources available to help you select the correct car seat as your child grows. Remember, your child’s car seat will need to change with your child. There are four types of car seats: Rear-Facing Car Seat, Forward-Facing Car Seat, Booster Seat, and Seat Belt. Learn about the different types of car seats from the NHTSA.

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The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles provides the following best practices for child safety:

Birth – 12 Months

Use a rear-facing car seat through age 1 and until your baby reaches the seat manufacturer’s height and weight limits.

1 – 3 Years

Keep your child rear-facing as long as possible. Then use a forward-facing toddler seat with a harness until your toddler outgrows that seat’s limits.

4 – 7 Years

Once your child has outgrown the seat with a harness, use a booster seat until he or she is large enough for seat belts. Stay in the back seat.

8 – 12 Years

Use safety belts once they fit properly. The lap belt should lie across the thighs, not the stomach. The shoulder belt should not cross the neck or face.

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Car Seat Installation and Checkup

You do not have to do this alone. There are resources in your community available to help keep you and your children safe. Check your community for classes to assist you in installing your car seat. There are also events where you can get your child seat professionally checked by a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). The CPST will check your child seat at a car seat checkup event or a car seat inspection station. The Manufacturers Alliance for Child Passenger Safety compiled this checklist of what you can expect from a CPST.

Car Seat Checkup and Installation Events

Safe Kids Clark County has a calendar of free car seat checkup events and other scheduled events throughout the year. Safe Kids Clark County is a volunteer organization. If you have a new car seat, or want your current seat checked, attend one of their events. The service is free of charge.

Summerlin Hospital is a sponsor of car seat installation events held by Safe Kids Clark County. Summerlin Hospital holds car seat installation events the second Saturday of every month. Sunrise Children’s Hospital provides monthly car seat installation/checkup events the third Wednesday of every month. Safe Kids Clark County also hosts car seat installation/checkup events at The District at Green Valley Ranch the third Saturday of every month. Check the individual websites for an update as schedules may change.

Safety Issues and Recalls

You can visit the NHTSA site to check child seat safety issues.  It is important to know when there is a safety issue with your car seat. According to the NHTSA, a recall is issued when a manufacturer or NHTSA determines that a vehicle, equipment, car seat, or tire

  • creates an unreasonable safety risk or
  • fails to meet minimum safety standards.

fails to meet minimum safety standards.

Visit the NHTSA’s Child Seat Recall Campaign Listing for a list of child seat manufacturer recalls. You can also sign up for NHTSA’s Recall Notification Email System.

Filing a Complaint

To file a complaint about a car seat you may visit this NHTSA complaint page. NHTSA asks that you please have the car seat with you as it will ask you to provide information from its label.

Register Your Car Seat

Once you have chosen the correct car seat and installed it safely, you should also register your car seat. Registering your car seat with the manufacturer allows you to receive recalls and safety notices so your child can remain safe. Also, you can sign up with NHTSA to receive email alerts about car seat and booster seat recalls. NHTSA provides additional registration information and links to the various manufacturer websites. If you would like the NHTSA to provide your child restraint registration information to the manufacturer:

Expiration Dates

According to the NHTSA, manufacturers of newer child seats provide ‘expiration’ dates for their seats. The expiration dates range from six to eight years from its manufacture date. NHTSA explains, “Expiration dates are a way for manufacturers to provide consumers with guidance as to the expected ‘useful’ life of their car seat.” Look on the child seat or contact the manufacturer if you want to check the seat’s expiration date.

Ride Shares and Taxis

Even if the law does not require a car seat, safety should still be a top priority. If you are not transporting your child in your own vehicle, you still need to provide a child safety seat. Currently, Uber and Lyft only provide car seat options in New York City.

When installing a child safety seat in another vehicle:

  • Find a safe space to install the child safety seat.
  • Take time to correctly install the seat before transporting your child.

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