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Are You Prepared For A Multi-Vehicle Collision?

A one or two car accident commonly known as a multi vehicle collision is scary enough. You’re going about your day, driving along and – BAM! – you get hit. But sometimes one collision sets off a chain reaction and more cars crash into each other. This is what happened last Monday, April 20th in East Las Vegas.

A 69-year old man driving a 1993 Toyota Camry crashed into a line of 10 cars at Lamb Boulevard and Sahara Avenue. These 10 vehicles were stopped at a red light when the man crashed into them. The man died after being taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. Another driver was seriously injured, but everyone else suffered minor injuries or none at all. Just about half of all fatal accidents in Nevada are from multi-vehicle crashes. So what happens if you find yourself in a similar situation? We look at how to avoid and how to handle a multi vehicle collision.

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What is a Multiple Vehicle Accident?

A multiple vehicle accident is also known as a multi-car collision or multi-vehicle collision. This is a type of auto accident that involves three or more cars. Common multiple vehicle collisions include pileups or chain-reaction crashes. Another common type of multi-vehicle accident involves a collision at an intersection, which causes a pile-up.

Who is at Fault in a Multiple Vehicle Accident?

Figuring out who is at fault when so many vehicles and drivers are involved can get complicated. In order to determine fault, you have to prove which driver was negligent. “Negligence” is a legal theory used in car accident cases. The term refers to a failure of exercising appropriate care when driving.

A thorough investigation might be needed to determine fault. This includes contacting the police, insurance companies and personal injury lawyers. There are a few things to consider when investigating negligence. Speeding, not maintaining a safe following distance, or failure to stop at a stop sign or red light can be signs of negligence. Reckless driving, distracted driving, driving without headlights, or driving on the wrong side of the road can all be reasons to prove negligence.

Chain reaction accidents or multiple car pile ups can also be complicated. Generally, the car that hits a car in front of them due to a fender bender is at fault. But what happens when there is more than one car? What if the car in front was distracted and caused the car behind to slam on the brakes? A personal injury lawyer can help assess who could have started the initial chain reaction. It is also possible that more than one driver may be at fault.

Ways to Avoid a Multi Vehicle Collision

  • Follow Three Second Rule: Maintain at least three seconds of following distance between you and the car ahead. An easy way to do this is find a marker like a stop sign or overpass in front of you. When the car in front passes that marker, begin counting. The number of seconds it takes for your front bumper to reach that same marker is your following distance. If you counted less than three seconds, you are too close and need to increase your following distance.
  • Look Ahead: Make sure you are paying attention to more than just the car in front of you. Look beyond the car in front of you to check for brake lights, slowing traffic, hazard signals, or any other signs of trouble.
  • Stay Alert: Most accidents can be avoided if you are attentive to the road and surroundings at all times. This includes eliminating distractions like cell phones, loud music, or eating while driving. This also means watching out for bad weather and low visibility conditions. Poor road traction due to ice, puddles, or snow can cause accidents. Drive slower or get off the road entirely if you are having trouble navigating the roads safely.

We’ve just shared some tips on how to avoid a multiple car accident. Next, we’ll discuss what to do if you’re involved in a Las Vegas car accident. After following the guidelines below, we recommend that you call our office: (702) 857-6000. Our car accident lawyers are here to discuss your case with you via a free case analysis. Call to schedule your appointment today and we’ll talk about your case and tell you about our extensive experience in obtaining maximum compensation for our clients. Don’t wait – call now: (702) 857-6000.

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What to Do if You Are Involved in a Multi Car Accident

Just like a car accident involving one or two vehicles, you’ll want to take any necessary steps to take care of your safety.

If you are seriously injured, stay in your vehicle with your seat belt fastened. Call 911. Do not attempt to move or leave your car until police or some other authority lets you know it is okay to exit. Put your hazard lights on to warn oncoming traffic. With a multiple vehicle collision, there is a chance you could get hit a second time by debris or even a cyclist trying to avoid the pile up. If you need help, seek medical attention right away by going to the hospital or doctor.

Do not admit fault. Don’t apologize or give any explanations as to what happened. An innocent statement like, “I’m sorry! Are you okay?” or “I’m fine” could be used against you.

Record as much as you can. Take photos or video of the accident. Capture any damage to your car, the position of the vehicles, and skid marks on the road. Write down what you remember while it is fresh in your mind. Record the direction you were traveling, the time of day, the speed you were driving, and the intersection or landmark where the crash occurred. Write down how many cars or drivers were involved. Make note of anything that would have impacted the accident, like weather, poor road conditions, or faulty signals.

Finally, contact your insurance company and a personal injury lawyer to help you handle your claim. A car accident lawyer can help you get the compensation for any injuries or damage to your vehicle from a multiple vehicle collision.

Experienced Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been in a serious multiple vehicle accident, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. A personal injury lawyer can help you protect your rights and navigate the complications that come with multiple vehicle collisions. Our car accident lawyers are experienced at handling all types of car accidents. These accidents include: large trucks or SUVs, accidents involving motorcyclists and bicyclists, and accidents where there was a driver who was driving under the influence/with an elevated blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

There are many reasons people wait to call a car accident attorney in Las Vegas; and some people don’t contact a lawyer at all. Sometimes people are unsure if they need an attorney, or if a car accident attorney can really make a difference in receiving compensation. Car accident attorneys at our firm offer you the best opportunity to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. It’s okay to inform yourself with some data from the Internet.

Well-meaning friends may tell you that a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas is too expensive. This is not true!  We work on a contingency fee basis; so you won’t have to worry about affordability. Plus, with our extensive car accident case experience, you have the best chance for a positive outcome for your case.

Remember: when it comes to seeking maximum compensation, you’ll want to put your case in the hands of the experts: Anthem Injury Lawyers, serving Las Vegas and vicinity. Call us today for a free case analysis: (702) 857-6000. Our law office is located in Henderson, but we work with clients all over the Las Vegas Valley. As a car accident victim, getting back to health should be your first priority: let our lawyers go to work for you and get you the compensation you deserve. Should you need us to, we can come to you. Contact us today if you’ve been the victim in a car accident in the Las Vegas area.

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