Do You Know About Crash Responder Safety?

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    Do You Know About Crash Responder Safety?
    November 21 2022

    Last week was Crash Responder Safety Week. It is a great reminder of the importance of respecting our roadside heroes by observing safe driving practices. Here, we discuss crash responder safety and what you can do to make our roads safer.

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    What Is Crash Responder Safety?

    Crash responder safety is an opportunity to improve roadway safety during traffic incidents. Secondary crash incidents can be more dangerous than the original crash. A secondary crash is an accident that occurs as a result of congestion or distraction from a prior crash. Consider the following secondary crash facts from the Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Coalition:

    • National studies show that as many as 18% of secondary crashes result in a fatality.
    • Depending on the time of day and location, incidents create 55-60% of the congestion on highways in Nevada.
    • Exact figures on the number of secondary accidents are difficult to calculate. Preliminary results of a study by UNLV indicate that as many as 22% of all incidents in the Las Vegas region are the result of an earlier crash.

    Crash responder safety education focuses on teaching the public (especially drivers) about quick and safe clearance for crash responders. Public education is provided through a variety of initiatives during Crash Responder Safety Week including those discussed below.

    Respect Our Roadside Heroes

    Respect our roadside heroes means respecting those individuals who respond to roadside traffic incidents. These individuals risk their lives every time they respond to and clear away roadside accidents. They ensure that traffic can continue to safely move on the roadway. Be patient and attentive when you see someone working on the roadside. Giving these workers the respect and attention they deserve.

    Responder Training

    It takes a lot to be a responder. Many responders often undergo additional responder training for their positions. In addition to classroom training, responders also participate in training exercises and activities. In Nevada, multi-agency, multi-disciplinary training for various aspects of traffic incident management is offered by members of the TIM Coalition. Training can last a number of days and can include the following:

    • Work zone traffic control
    • Hazmat spill containment
    • Responding to a mass casualty major incident with fatalities

    Slow Down, Move Over

    Since South Carolina enacted the first Move Over law in 1996, every state has enacted similar legislation. A Move Over law requires drivers to do the following when they see flashing lights on the side of the road:

    • Slow down
    • Move over when possible

    Depending on where you are driving, you may have to move over when you see any of the following on the side of the road:

    • Emergency personnel
    • First responders
    • Tow trucks
    • Municipal vehicles
    • Utility vehicles
    • Road maintenance
    • Disabled vehicles

    Nevada’s Move Over Law

    Nevada initially enacted its Move Over law in 2003. It originally only required drivers to move over for official emergency response vehicles. Namely, those pulled over on the side of the road with amber lights flashing. Since then, it has been expanded to apply to any “traffic incident.”

    What should you do if you approach a traffic incident? In Nevada, you are required to do the following:

    • Reduce your speed.
    • Proceed with caution.
    • Be prepared to stop.
    • If possible, move to a lane that is not adjacent to the traffic incident.

    For more information on Nevada’s Move Over law, see Have You Heard of Nevada’s Move Over Law?

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    More Than a Crash

    Roadside incidents are more than a crash. When you notice anything happening on the side of the road you should remain alert to the roadside incident and responders. Traffic incident responders clear nearly 7 million traffic crashes annually. In addition to this important work, traffic incident responders also work roadside to clear the following:

    • Stalled vehicles
    • Roadway debris
    • Other incidents

    All of this work is essential to safe travel. Across the U.S., over 50,000 traffic incident responders work roadside. Look out for traffic incident responders anywhere there is a traffic incident.

    Driver Education

    Driver education can make a difference when it comes to road safety. If you are a driver, you should pay attention to the laws in your state. These laws are meant to keep everyone on the road safe. If you drive in Nevada, this means understanding Nevada’s Move Over law and following it when you are behind the wheel. Other safe driving habits are important as well. This includes doing the following every time you get behind the wheel:

    • Pay attention
    • Drive sober
    • Buckle up
    • Drive at a safe speed
    • Stop on red
    • Look out for others

    We hope that after you read this you understand a little bit more about crash responder safety. We also hope that it helps to keep you and others safe on Las Vegas roads. If you are injured in a Las Vegas area car accident, contact an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.


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