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Using Car Mirrors to Prevent Car Accidents

Car accidents are an unfortunate part of everyday life.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) compile annual traffic fatality statistics.  In 2017 in the United States:

  • There were 34,247 fatal motor vehicle crashes
  • There were 37,133 deaths resulting from those motor vehicle crashes
  • There were 11.4 deaths per 100,000 people
  • There were 1.16 deaths for every 100 million miles traveled

What can be done to prevent the deaths of so many Americans?  One very common cause of car crashes has a simple solution.

Using your mirrors to prevent car accidents.

Blind Spot Accidents

Blind spots cause a huge number of auto accidents.  Blind spots exist in all vehicles and if a driver does not take appropriate precautions, they can cause collisions.

What is a blind spot?  A blind spot in a vehicle is an area around the vehicle that cannot be directly observed by the driver.  Blind spots may occur in the front of the driver if the windshield pillar, side-view mirror, or rear-view mirror blocks the driver’s view of the road.  Behind a driver, things like headrests and cargo may be blocking the driver’s view. Out the side windows, numerous car parts may block a driver’s peripheral vision.

Car Mirror Safety Tips

While some car accidents are inevitable, using your car mirrors properly may prevent some blind spot accidents.  What is the proper way to use your car mirrors?

  • As soon as you get into a car, make time for mirror adjustment.  Always adjust your rearview mirror any time the seat is moved before you drive.  Ensure that you can see the road behind you. Also adjust your outside mirrors. Adjust your right side mirror to ensure that you can see the roadway behind your vehicle and to the passenger side of your car.  Adjust your left side mirror so that you can see behind you and to the driver’s side of your car.
  • Use your rearview and side mirrors to constantly monitor traffic while you are driving.
  • When you are changing lanes, check all of your mirrors.  You should also turn and look over your shoulder before you change lanes.
  • Be cognizant of other driver’s blind spots.  As much as possible, avoid other driver’s blind spots by slowing down or changing lanes to get out of the blind spot.

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Last updated Thursday, December 14th, 2023

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