What You Need to Know About Multi-Vehicle Accidents

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    July 19 2019

    What happens when you get into a car crash that involves more than two cars?  The damages that result from a chain reaction multi-car pile-up can be devastating.  There is a high probability that there are serious injuries, property damage, and even deaths.

    In some cases the responsible party will be faced with multiple lawsuits that might exceed his or her insurance coverage.

    How to handle these types of car accidents?  If you’ve been in a multi-vehicle crash, we highly recommend speaking with a car accident lawyer who has experience dealing with multi-car crash cases.

    What You Need to Know About Multi-Vehicle Accidents. Photo by Daniel X. O’Neil.

    What is a Multi-Vehicle Car Accident?

    A multi-vehicle car accident occurs when more than two cars are involved in a collision.  This type of car accident case can happen when one car rear-ends another car and the force of the collision causes the car in front to crash into the vehicle ahead of it.  In these type of rear-end collisions, the driver who crashed into the first car may be found liable for all of the damage. However, in other cases there may be other parties that are found to be responsible through comparative negligence.

    Liability in a Multi-Vehicle Collision

    In some multi-vehicle collisions, it is clear which driver’s negligence caused the accident.  Perhaps a line of cars was stopped at a red light and a driver who was on her cell phone didn’t notice and crashed into the line of cars at a high speed.  In this case, the liability would be obvious because the driver was engaged in distracted driving.

    In other cases, liability might not be as clear.  Maybe a driver had to brake suddenly because a child ran into the road.  If the driver behind her was following too closely and unable to stop, she might be responsible for that rear-end accident.  However, if the driver behind the second car was also following too closely, he or she might be found to be comparatively negligent.

    Because there are multiple drivers and insurance companies involved, it’s a good idea to seek legal advice from a personal injury lawyer if you’ve been in this type of accident.

    Experienced Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys

    If you or a loved one involved in a multi-car accident, you should get legal advice from an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you protect your rights and advise you on whether you have a valid personal injury claim.

    If you are looking for a law firm with experienced auto accident attorneys, contact Anthem Injury Lawyers today for a free case evaluation.  Our phone number is (702) 857-6000. We offer Free Consultations.  Our law firm is located in Henderson, but we work with clients all over the Las Vegas Valley.

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