What Percentage Do Most Injury Lawyers Take?

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    motor vehicle accident
    March 23 2022

    Have you been injured in an accident? Was it the fault of someone else? If you have been injured in an accident, you may be thinking about hiring a lawyer. That is a good idea. An injury lawyer can advocate for your position and provide legal advice. If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer, it is also natural to wonder about the cost. You may be wondering how lawyers get paid and what percentage do most injury lawyers take. If you have these questions, then this article is for you. Read on as we discuss lawyer fees.

    We hope the below discussion helps you understand more about paying lawyers. If you are injured in a car accident, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will help to protect your rights and ensure you receive maximum compensation.

    As a Las Vegas accident victim, you don’t want to fight alone against insurance companies. They do not have your best interests in mind. Anthem Injury Lawyers has a dedicated team of lawyers and staff ready to help you with your personal injury case. Insurance companies and other parties are not interested in helping you receive what you should as a victim in a Las Vegas car accident. You need an experienced car accident lawyer with a proven track record of winning cases like yours, for significant compensation. Our lawyers have over 25 years of experience winning top compensation for Las Vegas car accident victims.

    Don’t wait to contact our Las Vegas car accident lawyers. Time is of the essence when pursuing compensation in car accident cases. Contact Anthem Injury Lawyers today at (702) 857-6000 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

    What Are the Different Types of Lawyer Fee Agreements?

    If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer, one of your first considerations will probably be cost. Not all lawyers charge the same way for services. Additionally, different lawyers cost different amounts. There are many different types of lawyer fee agreements. However, they tend to fall into the following three types of fee agreements.

    Hourly Fee

    In an hourly fee agreement, the lawyer charges a set hourly fee for services. They keep a detailed log of the time they spend working on the matter and bill for their time. In many law firms, different lawyers charge different hourly fees. Usually based on their seniority and experience.

    Contingency Fee

    In a contingency fee agreement, the lawyer charges a contingency fee. This means that the lawyer and client agree in advance that the lawyer will get, as a fee, a percentage of any amount recovered. The percentage that a personal injury lawyer can receive in a contingency fee varies from state to state. According to the American Bar Association, this fee often ranges from 33 to 40 percent.

    A contingency fee arrangement means that if you win the case, the lawyer is paid their fee from the money awarded to you. If you lose, then you don’t have to pay your lawyer for the work they did on your case. Keep in mind that a contingency fee arrangement may require the client pay some or all of the costs and fees associated with the case.

    The lawyers at Anthem Injury Lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that we don’t get paid unless you do. We also offer free consultations. That means that you lose nothing by meeting with us to discuss your case. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you should seek medical care immediately. Once you have sought medical care, you should contact the experienced team at Anthem Injury Lawyers. Contact us today at (702) 857-6000 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

    Flat Fee

    In some instances a lawyer may choose to charge a flat fee. This means that the lawyer has a set fee for the services to be provided, regardless of the time involved. Flat fees are common in certain uncontested matters as well as simple estate planning matters.

    How Do Lawyers Set Fees?

    Lawyers have a lot of discretion when charging fees. However, most lawyers tend to consider a lot of similar factors when deciding on a reasonable fee for services. According to the State Bar of Nevada, a lawyer will typically consider the following factors when determining an appropriate fee:

    • A lawyer will consider the amount of time they will have to spend on your case.
    • Office overhead. When you hire a lawyer, you are also hiring their staff and resources. A lawyer, like any other business, must pay their bills and maintain a staff to work on your case.
    • Ability, skills, and reputation. A lawyer can take into account the time that they have spent in their field and their reputation within the legal community. Experience and reputation are both valuable in the legal practice.
    • The lawyer-client relationship. Not all lawyer-client relationships are the same. The lawyer may consider the duration of the relationship when determining fees. For example, if there is an ongoing relationship between the parties, the lawyer may charge less for services than they would charge for a client who is only going to need the lawyer’s services on a one-time basis.

    What Are the Rules on Fees?

    In Nevada, fees and expenses must be reasonable. Rule 1.5 of the Nevada Rule of Professional Conduct sets out the following factors to be considered in determining the reasonableness of a lawyer’s fees:

    • The time and labor required, the novelty and difficulty of the questions involved, and the skill requisite to perform the legal service properly.
    • The likelihood, if apparent to the client, that the acceptance of the particular employment will preclude other employment by the lawyer.
    • The fee customarily charged in the locality for similar legal services.
    • The amount involved and the results obtained.
    • The time limitations imposed by the client or by the circumstances.
    • The nature and length of the professional relationship with the client.
    • The experience, reputation, and ability of the lawyer or lawyers performing the services.
    • Whether the fee is fixed or contingent.

    Rule 1.5 has other requirements regarding fees. Including how the fees are to be communicated to the client and restrictions on when a contingency fee is allowed.


    If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, the most important thing you can do is to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can help you protect your rights and navigate the complications that come with a motor vehicle accident.

    Sometimes people are unsure of whether or not they need a lawyer, or if a personal injury lawyer can really make a difference in receiving compensation. Our experienced team of personal injury lawyers gives you the best opportunity to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

    Well-meaning friends may tell you that a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas is too expensive. This is not true! As discussed in this article, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you won’t have to worry about affordability. Plus, with our extensive motor vehicle accident case experience, you have the best chance for a positive outcome for your case.

    Remember—when it comes to seeking maximum compensation, you’ll want to put your case in the hands of the experts at Anthem Injury Lawyers. We have over 25 years of experience representing Las Vegas accident victims. Contact us today at (702) 857-6000 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

    Published by Puneet K. Garg

    Attorney Puneet K. Garg is one of the founding partners of Anthem Injury Law. He has vast experience serving various clients with their different needs. Puneet’s representation of clients has included serving as counsel to Fortune 500 companies, large and small healthcare providers, celebrities, large and small businesses, personal injury victims and individuals needing help with their everyday needs. He has represented clients from all over the world in both state and federal court in Nevada.

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