Safe Driving Tips In The Snow

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    February 22 2019

    It is important to follow these tips when driving in the snow in Las Vegas today.

    Las Vegas turned into a Winter Wonderland yesterday. Our social media feeds were hijacked by snow-covered backyards and children playing in the snow.

    Snow Day In Las Vegas

    Las Vegas residents tried to capture some great moments of this snow day – an anomaly in the desert. The snow delighted residents and tourists alike, but has also brought the unique road conditions and challenges.

    While the Clark County School District (CCSD) declared a holiday on Friday, February 22 because of unsafe road conditions for school buses during the early morning commute, many of us will still need to hit the road.

    Nevada residents are not familiar with black ice, a major driving hazard caused by the snow. The Nevada Department of Transportation offers three tips on what to do if you encounter black ice while driving:

    What to do if you encounter black ice on the road?

    The Nevada Department of Transportation offers the following tips to drive safely in the snow:

    1. Don’t panic 
    2. Allow the vehicle to pass over the ice and avoid abruptly hitting the brakes.
    3. Try to keep the steering wheel straight.
    4. If your vehicle begins to fishtail or slide, gently turn the wheel in the direction of the skid and slowly remove foot from accelerator.


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