Our Top 10 Back to School Safety Tips for Kids

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    Our Top 10 Back to School Safety Tips for Kids
    August 29 2022

    School is back in session. That usually means morning alarms, organizing schedules, and rushing out the door. In between the school bell, homework, and after school activities, take time to talk to your kids about safety. Here, we provide our top 10 back to school safety tips for kids.

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    1. Practice How Your Kids Will Get to and From School

    There are a number of ways for kids to get to and from school including: walking, bicycles, scooters, school buses, and rides from parents. All of these forms of transportation have different safety issues. The best way to keep your kids safe is to practice how they will get to and from school.

    • If your kids are going to walk, walk the route with them to get an idea of potential hazards.
    • If your kids are going to ride their bikes or scooters, take the route with them on occasion. Talk to your children about the best way to get to and from school. As a parent, you can practice riding with your kids to check an area’s bikeability.
    • If your kids ride a school bus, discuss how to get to and from the bus stop safely. Talk to your kids about where to cross when getting off the school bus. Also discuss what they should do if they get on the wrong bus or get off at the wrong stop.
    • If your kids ride to school in a vehicle, make sure they are properly restrained. This includes using a car seat or booster seat if necessary.

    2. Teach Kids to Cross with Care

    Intersections are dangerous for everyone. However, intersections pose a special danger for kids because kids are smaller and more difficult to see. Additionally, kids may not understand traffic patterns to make safe crossing choices. Talk to your kids about the following:

    • Only cross at designated crosswalks.
    • Always stop and look for cars in all directions.
    • If there is a car at the intersection, make eye contact with the driver before crossing.
    • Never run across the street.

    3. Help Your Kids Stay Visible

    Kids can be difficult for drivers to see. Help your kids stay visible to and from school with bright and reflective clothing. If your child is going to and from school in the dark, be sure they have a flashlight. Walking or riding in a group can also increase visibility.

    4. Avoid Dogs

    It is very tempting for both kids and adults alike to pet and say hi to every animal they encounter. Unfortunately, dogs can pose a hazard for children. Teach your children to avoid dogs. Just because a dog appears friendly, doesn’t mean that they won’t react poorly when approached or surprised.

    5. Practice Safe Walking

    The best way for your kids to know about pedestrian safety is to practice with you. Spend time walking in your neighborhood with your kids. Teach them safe walking habits such as using sidewalks and crosswalks.

    6. Wear a Helmet

    If your kids are going to ride a bike or scooter to school, they should wear a helmet. Bicycle helmets can reduce the risk of head injury by as much as 85 percent. You should make sure that your child’s helmet fits properly. Use the linked guidance from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on fitting a helmet.

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    7. Pay Attention

    The world is a distracting place, especially for children. Talk to your kids about paying attention on their route, especially when crossing the street. Teach them not to play at intersections and to stay alert while in crosswalks. Teach older kids that it is not okay to use their phone or listen to music when crossing the street.

    8. Use Caution Around Driveways

    Walking on the sidewalk is often the best option when it comes to safety. However, most neighborhood sidewalks include driveways. Driveways can be dangerous for children, especially when cars are backing up. Teach your kids to be alert for cars when they are walking near driveways.

    9. Make a Safety Plan

    You know many of the hazards that your children face getting to and from school. Consider those hazards and make a safety plan with your children. If you are worried about dog bites, talk to your children about what to do if they encounter a stray dog on their route. If there is a busy intersection on their route, practice safely crossing the street with them. Encourage them to cross in groups whenever possible.

    10. Celebrate Safe Choices

    It can be difficult for children to remember all of the important safety lessons. If you see your child making a safe choice, celebrate that safe choice.


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