How Long Does It Take to Get A Personal Injury Settlement Check?

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    May 28 2019

    Every personal injury case is different.  The time frame from when an accident happens to actually receiving a settlement check can range from a few months to many years later.

    If you are considering accepting a settlement offer from an insurance company, you should speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can offer you legal advice on whether the offer is a reasonable settlement or whether you should proceed with your personal injury claim.

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    Factors that Affect the Timing of the Settlement

    There are many factors that affect the amount of time that it takes for you to receive your settlement money.  These include:

    • Legal or factual problems with your case
    • Your personal injury lawsuit involves a large amount of money
    • You are still undergoing medical treatment

    Legal or Factual Problems With Your Case

    If there is any question about who is liable for the accident, there may be a delay in the settlement process.  If it is hard to prove who is at fault, the other party’s insurer is unlikely to make a reasonable settlement offer.

    A delay could also result if you are unable to show that the defendant’s conduct caused your injuries.  

    You should seek advice from an experienced personal injury attorney if it is not very clear who is liable for the incident and that the incident caused your injuries.

    Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Involves a Large Amount of Money

    If your case involves a large amount of money, the insurance company will not pay out a settlement until they have investigated every aspect of the case.  

    The insurer may review your medical records, interview you in a recorded statement about the auto accident and your injuries, and even hire a private investigator as part of this due diligence process.

    You Are Still Undergoing Medical Treatment

    If you are still being treated for your injuries, this will delay the settlement process.  It is in the best interest of the plaintiff to wait until they have reached a point of maximum medical improvement before settling the case.

    Waiting until this point will allow your attorney to more accurately place a value on your damages.  If you settle too soon, your settlement check might not compensate you for medical bills, disability, lost wages, or pain and suffering that you may experience later on.

    Experienced Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys

    If you have been injured by another party in the Las Vegas area, you should speak with an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer who can help you protect your rights.

    If you are looking for a law firm with experienced car accident attorneys, contact Anthem Injury Lawyers today.  Our phone number is (702) 857-6000.  We offer Free Consultations. Our law office is located in Henderson, but we work with clients all over the Las Vegas Valley.

    Published by Anthony Golden

    Attorney Anthony B. Golden (“Tony”) is one of the founding partners of Anthem Injury Lawyers. Tony represents clients in all aspects of personal injury cases, from pre-litigation through jury trials and appeals. Tony has a proven track record of successfully representing clients in trials, arbitration, and appeals, as well as assisting clients in resolving high-value cases in mediation.

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