Have You Heard of the Nevada Department of Transportation’s Safety Projects?

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    Have You Heard of the Nevada Department of Transportation's Safety Projects?
    January 3 2022

    Did you know the Nevada Department of Transportation’s mission is to continually improve the safety of Nevada’s highways and freeways? Traffic safety engineers work towards implementing safety features and enhancements for the benefit of everyone utilizing Nevada roadways. There are at least 13 safety projects that the Nevada Department of Transportation has implemented to make Nevada roads safer. We will discuss each of the 13 safety projects in more detail below.

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    Safety Projects

    Safety projects can benefit everyone who uses Nevada roadways. To help protect everyone, including wildlife, the Nevada Department of Transportation has implemented the following safety projects:

    • Advanced warning signs 
    • Bridge anti-icing technology
    • Cable barriers
    • Diverging diamond interchanges
    • Flashing yellow arrow turn signals
    • Milepost signs
    • Ramp meters
    • Retroreflective backplates
    • Roundabouts
    • Rumble strips
    • Safety management plans
    • Truck escape ramps
    • Wildlife safety overpasses/underpasses
    • Wrong way driver system

    Advanced Warning Signs 

    Advanced signal warning systems help to alert drivers about upcoming traffic conditions. Advanced signal warning systems include the yellow signs stationed over the roadway that often feature flashing yellow lights to warn of a traffic signal ahead.

    Bridge Anti-Icing Technology

    Four bridges between Reno and Carson City have automatic anti-icing system. Automatic anti-icing systems help prevent and delay ice formation on bridge surfaces. The spray disks embedded in the concrete are activated when wet weather pavement temperatures near freezing. The spray is then spread by vehicles on the bridge.

    Cable Barriers

    The Nevada Department of Transportation has begun installing cable barriers in the median of selected state roadways. The cable barriers are heavy-duty cables strung along a row of posts. The cables can help to catch misguided vehicles to help avoid head-on collisions.

    Diverging Diamond Interchanges

    At a diverging diamond interchange, traffic briefly crosses over to the left (opposite) side of the roadway, safely guided by traffic signals at each crossover. Vehicles are able to turn left onto freeway on-ramps without stopping and without conflicting with through traffic.

    Flashing Yellow Arrow Turn Signals

    Flashing yellow arrow turn signals are being installed at select signalized intersections in Nevada. When on, the flashing yellow arrow means a vehicle can enter the intersection with caution and only make the turn indicated by the arrow. However, the driver must first yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, then proceed with caution.

    Milepost Signs

    The Nevada Department of Transportation is installing enhanced, larger milepost signs. Milepost signs provide important information to drivers, such as reference to location. They are also vital in efficiently providing needed service when responding to car crashes or roadway incidents and provide important reference for road engineers and maintainers.

    Ramp Meters

    Las Vegas drivers are familiar with ramp meters. Ramp meters are traffic signals placed where on-ramps enter freeways or other major thoroughfares. The meters have red and green lights, similar to traffic lights. Ramp meters can reduce congestion and increase safety.

    Retroreflective Backplates

    Yellow is the new black. At least for traffic signal backplates.The Nevada Department of Transportation has begun installing new traffic signal backplates. These backplates are framed with a retroreflective and conspicuous yellow border.


    Roundabouts are one-way circular intersections in which traffic flows around a center island without stop signs or signals. They are used in place of the following:

    • Signals
    • Two-way stop controls
    • All-way stop controls

    For more information on roundabouts, see our article on roundabouts.

    Rumble Strips

    Traditionally, rumble strips have been used on the shoulder or edgeline of the roadways. Now, the Nevada Department of Transportation is installing centerline rumble strips in the median of selected state roadways. These centerline rumble strips are being used in other states to reduce head-on and sideswipe crashes.

    Safety Management Plans

    Safety management plans analyze safety issues and concerns in a specific area by incorporating crash data, accessibility, public and stakeholder input and roadway engineering. The following are areas with safety management plans in Las Vegas:

    • East Bonanza Road
    • East Carey Avenue
    • Jones Boulevard and Cheyenne Avenue
    • Sahara Avenue
    • Lamb Boulevard
    • Eastern Avenue/Civic Center Drive
    • Rancho Drive
    • Craig Road

    Truck Escape Ramps

    If you drive on mountain roads then you have probably seen truck escape ramps. A truck escape ramp is an emergency area located adjacent to a downgrade roadway. The ramp provides a location for out-of-control vehicles to slow and stop away from other vehicles on the road

    Did you know that truck escape ramps are not just for trucks? Any vehicle experiencing braking problems or the inability to slow downhill speed can use a truck ramp.

    Wildlife Safety Overpasses/Underpasses

    Safety crossings are passages above or beneath roadways that redirect wildlife out of the way of oncoming vehicles. These help to reduce collisions between animals and vehicles. For more tips, see our article on avoiding animal collisions.

    Wrong Way Driver System

    All freeway ramps have “Wrong Way” signs to warn drivers entering in the wrong direction. As a pilot program, there are also flashing warning signals and detection systems on certain interstate and freeway off-ramps.


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