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    October 2 2020

    Fall Car Safety Checklist

    Fall has officially begun and many of us have returned to the roads. The changing of the season is a perfect time to check up on your vehicle’s safety. Here we will go over our fall car safety checklist. It includes the following: oil, windshield, windows, wiper blades, engine air filter, tires, vehicle lighting, warning lights, and car seats.

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    Check your car’s oil on a regular basis. Checking your car’s oil keeps the engine running well. If you are unsure of how to check your car’s oil, consult the owners manual or ask a mechanic.

    You may also need to change your car’s oil. Your oil change schedule depends on your vehicle’s engine and the oil being used. Older cars may need more frequent oil changes. Newer cars may not need oil changes as frequently. Most new cars have oil-life monitoring systems that automatically notify you when an oil change is needed.


    If you haven’t done so already this year, now is a great time to inspect your vehicle’s brakes. If you notice any of the following brake issue signs, have your vehicle’s brakes checked by a mechanic:

    • Grinding, squeaking, or squealing brakes
    • Brake pedal feels spongy
    • Shaking steering wheel
    • Car wobbling or pulsating when you drive at highway speeds

    Windshield and Windows

    Your windshield and windows may be one of the most overlooked items on your car safety checklist. Keep your vehicle’s windshield and windows free of dirt. Dirty windows impact your visibility and can create a dangerous driving condition. Check your vehicle’s windshield and windows for cracks and chips. Repair any visible cracks or chips.

    Wiper Blades

    Fall is a great time to inspect your wiper blades as well to make sure they are in proper working order. Replace your wiper blades if they are old or if you notice any of the following:

    • Squeaking noises
    • Vibration or chattering noises
    • Excessive streaking
    • Wet spots

    Engine Air Filter

    Make sure that your engine air filter is on your car safety checklist. You should inspect your engine air filter regularly. Depending on your driving conditions, you may not need to replace your air filter. If you drive in smoky or dusty conditions, you will need to replace your engine air filter more frequently.


    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2017, a total of 738 people died on the road in tire-related crashes. Proper tire maintenance can lessen the chances of a tire-related accident. Tires are an important item on your car safety checklist and fall is the perfect time to check on your tires. The NHTSA provides the following advice regarding tire maintenance.

    Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

    Proper tire pressure is an essential part of tire maintenance. It impacts safety and durability. Now is a great time to check your vehicle’s tire pressure. Remember to check the spare tire as well. Check tire pressure when the tires are “cold.” Cold means the tires haven’t been driven for at least three hours.

    All vehicles that are 2008 or newer are required to come equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). A TPMS continuously monitors the pressure in the tires through sensors. The TPMS symbol will appear on the dashboard to warn the driver when tire pressure is below the minimum acceptable level.

    Check Tire Tread

    Check your vehicle’s tire tread. Tire tread keeps the vehicle safe on wet or icy roads. It provides the vehicle’s gripping action and traction. Replace tires when the tread is worn down to 2/32 of an inch. Do not drive on tires with worn tread. It is not safe.

    Ensure Proper Balance and Alignment

    Have a qualified technician balance your tires and perform a wheel alignment. Balance and alignment are essential to vehicle safety.

    Abide by Recommended Tire Rotation Schedule

    Rotating the vehicle’s tires can help reduce irregular wear. Irregular wear shortens the life of the tires and affects fuel efficiency. Check the vehicle’s manual regarding tire rotation. The manual will provide instructions on how often the tires should be rotated and the best pattern for rotation.

    Even if you properly maintain your vehicle and use a car safety checklist, an accident can still happen. If you are a victim in a tire blowout accident that is not your fault, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. Having a top attorney at your side to fight for your rights in your Las Vegas accident case can make all the difference when you’re trying to get the compensation you deserve. The team at Anthem Injury Lawyers provides expert representation to make sure you get maximum compensation for your injuries. Contact us today at (702) 857-6000 for a free consultation.

    Vehicle Lighting

    Lights play an important role in driver safety. Make sure all of your lights and signals are in proper working order including the following:

    • Headlights
    • Taillights
    • Brake lights
    • Turn signals
    • Fog lights

    This inspection is simple but you may need a friend or mechanic to help you check your lights. Have the other person walk around your vehicle while you operate the lights. Ensure the brake is on before testing backup lights. Replace any lights that are dim or not working.

    Warning Lights

    Fall is a great time to check any problems indicated by your car’s warning lights. If you are unsure what a warning light means, check your car manual or ask a mechanic. Depending on the warning, your car may need immediate attention. Common warning lights include the following:

    • Service vehicle soon
    • Oil pressure
    • Tire pressure
    • Engine temperature
    • Traction control
    • Brake warning
    • Engine warning
    • Battery alert
    • Low fuel indicator
    • Airbag indicator
    • Security
    • Washer fluid

    Car Seats

    Did you know that child safety seats reduce the risk of fatal injury by 71 percent for infants and by 54 percent for toddlers? Unfortunately, only one in four car seats are installed correctly. Even a correctly installed car seat can be dangerous if it is not appropriate for the size and weight of the child. Children can quickly grow out of their car seat.

    If you have children, their car seat(s) should always be on your car safety checklist. Now is a great time to check your child’s car seat. If you have to get your child a new car seat, make sure it is installed properly with the below resources.


    Remember, there are resources in your community available to help keep you and your children safe. Check your community for classes to assist you in installing your car seat. There are also events where you can get your child seat professionally checked by a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). The CPST will check your child seat at a car seat checkup event or a car seat inspection station. The Manufacturers Alliance for Child Passenger Safety compiled this checklist of what you can expect from a CPST.

    Car Seat Checkup and Installation Events in Clark County

    Safe Kids Clark County has a calendar of free car seat checkup events and other scheduled events throughout the year. If you have a new car seat, or want your current seat checked, attend one of their events. The service is free of charge.

    Summerlin Hospital is a sponsor of car seat installation events held by Safe Kids Clark County. Summerlin Hospital holds car seat installation events the second Saturday of every month. Sunrise Children’s Hospital provides monthly car seat installation/checkup events the third Wednesday of every month.

    Virtual Car Seat Inspection

    COVID-19 has caused some events to be cancelled. It has also moved some events online. It is now possible to schedule a virtual car seat inspection. AAA is one such organization offering this service.

    For additional car seat safety information and links to resources see our Car Seat Safety article. If your child has been the victim in a Nevada accident involving a potentially faulty car seat, contact Anthem Injury Lawyers today.


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