Do You Know the Top Dangers of Spring Driving?

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    March 21 2022

    It’s officially spring! The first day of spring was Sunday, March 20, 2022. As the seasons change, so do the road conditions. Here, we will discuss the top dangers of spring driving and how to avoid them.

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    Tire Blowouts

    A blowout is when a tire suddenly loses air. Tire blowouts can be dangerous and cause accidents.

    As the temperature changes, so does the air pressure in your vehicle tires. Cold weather decreases tire pressure and warm weather increases tire pressure. Extreme weather changes that occur as the seasons change can all lead to tire blowouts. Other causes of tire blowouts include the following:

    • Defective tires
    • Underinflated or overinflated tires
    • Tire wear and tear
    • Road damage

    You can avoid tire blowouts by doing the following:

    • Choose the correct tires
    • Maintain proper tire pressure
    • Check your tire tread
    • Ensure proper balance and alignment
    • Abide by a recommended tire rotation schedule

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    Animals on the Road

    As the weather warms up, many animals start venturing out. This includes many new animals who are young and inexperienced. All of this movement and new life brings risks for collisions with animals on the road. During the spring (and fall) months, animal collisions actually increase due to animals moving around more for migration and mating.

    You can lessen your chances of running into an animal on the road by driving defensively and actively looking out for the following:

    • Wildlife on the road, in the ditch, on the shoulder, and in the right of way.
    • Movement on or alongside the road.
    • Shining eyes from the car’s headlights reflecting off the animal’s eyes.
    • Flickering headlights or taillights from an animal crossing in the road.
    • Roadside reflectors that disappear/reappear indicating an animal is crossing in front of them.
    • Animals between dusk and dawn.

    Extreme Weather

    Winter isn’t the only season with extreme weather. During the spring, drivers can encounter high wind and rain. Las Vegas is especially susceptible to heavy rains and flash floods. The safest thing you can do during extreme spring weather is not drive. If you do have to drive, use the following tips to safely navigate extreme spring weather:

    • Turn off cruise control
    • Reduce your speed
    • Turn on your headlights
    • Give other drivers space
    • Use caution around large vehicles like commercial trucks and buses
    • Avoid puddles and standing water

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    Road Construction Zones

    The start of spring also means the start of road construction. Road construction zones can be dangerous for drivers and workers. The lane changes and unfamiliar patterns can be difficult to navigate. Especially when the signs change and barriers move.

    You can check for Nevada road construction on the Nevada Department of Transportation website. If you are driving in road construction zones, do the following:

    • Follow all posted signage
    • Give other drivers plenty of space
    • Watch for brake lights on vehicles ahead of you
    • Look out for trucks entering the road
    • Be extra cautious when workers are present
    • Slow down
    • Stay calm
    • Pay attention

    Increased Traffic, Pedestrians, and Bicyclists

    Spring is a time when traffic increases. This means that there are more vehicles, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists on the road. All of this can increase the chances of an accident.

    When you drive this spring, remember to look out for everyone and use the following tips:

    • Give motorcyclists plenty of space when approaching from behind.
    • Stay alert for those who are less visible on the roads, including bicyclists and motorcyclists.
    • Stop on red. Only proceed when you have made sure that the sidewalks and intersections are clear.
    • Yield the right-of-way to any person riding a bicycle.
    • Safe passing is your responsibility. When passing a bicyclist you must move into an adjacent lane to the left if possible. If not, you must pass with at least 3 feet of clearance between your car and the bicycle.


    We hope you avoid the top dangers of spring driving with the above tips. We also understand that no matter how safe you are, you can still be injured by another driver. If another driver injures you in a Las Vegas area accident, you should speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Some people wonder why they need a personal injury lawyer to help them. A personal injury lawyer will work aggressively to protect your rights and help you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

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