Do You Know Our Top Five Teen Driving Safety Tips?

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    May 14 2021

    Do You Know Our Top Five Teen Driving Safety Tips?

    Every May, Global Youth Traffic Safety Month brings awareness to safety issues affecting teens on the road. It also reminds adults and teens of the troubling fact that motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of death for teens in the United States. In Nevada, 169 young drivers lost their lives in crashes between 2015 and 2019. Many of these crashes are preventable. In an effort to curb teen motor vehicle accidents, we are providing our top five teen driving safety tips below.

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    1. Follow the Law

    Nevada has a Graduated Driver License program designed to minimize risks for teen drivers. Parents and teen drivers should follow the program’s requirements and all other driving laws. This includes always wearing a seat belt, completing a driver education course, and obtaining behind-the-wheel experience.

    In Nevada, an individual must be at least 16 years old to apply for a full driver’s license. The teen applicant must also:

    • Hold a valid instruction permit for at least six months prior to applying.
    • Have no at-fault crashes in the six months prior to applying.
    • Have no moving violation convictions in the six months prior to applying.
    • Be free of alcohol or drug convictions of any kind in the six months prior to applying.

    Once licensed, young drivers have additional driving restrictions that they must follow including the following:

    • For the first six months after the license was issued, young drivers may not transport any passenger under the age of 18. Except for immediate family members.
    • Drivers under 18 must abide by the statewide driving curfew and, except in limited circumstances, may not drive between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

    2. No Drugs or Alcohol

    It is illegal and dangerous for minors to consume either alcohol or drugs. It can also be deadly, especially when mixed with driving. Talk to your teen driver about the dangers of driving under the influence. Remind your teen of the following:

    Go over your expectations for safe driving. Talk to your teen about what to do if they or another driver are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Emphasize that your teen should never get in a car with a driver who has been drinking alcohol or consuming drugs. Have them practice making a safe decision, such as calling a parent to come to pick them up.

    3. Obey the Speed Limit

    Speeding is a danger to everyone on the road, especially teen drivers. In 2018, among drivers aged 15 to 20 years:

    Unfortunately, teens are more likely than older drivers to speed. Speeding increases the likelihood of an accident and also increases the seriousness of an accident. Emphasize a zero-tolerance policy for speeding. Do not let your teen speed while driving under your supervision and do not speed while driving with your teen.

    4. Avoid Distractions

    What do you think of when you think of distracted driving? For your teen, you probably think of their cell phone. The cell phone is an extremely dangerous driving distraction. Research has found that texting while driving increases your teen’s risk of crashing by 23 times. Yet, one in three teens who text say they have done so while driving. Talk to your teen about the dangers of texting while driving. Make a rule that the phone cannot be accessible while your teen is behind the wheel. This prevents the temptation of reaching for the cell phone at any point while driving.

    Texting is not the only form of distracted driving your teen needs to be aware of. Distracted driving is anything that takes your teen’s attention away from the task of safe driving. Distractions can include the following:

    • Changing the music selection on the car stereo.
    • Eating or drinking.
    • Talking to passengers in the car or on the phone.
    • Driving while upset or angry
    • Daydreaming or getting lost in thought.

    Remind your teen that any distraction can be a deadly distraction. Do not let your teen drive while distracted and be a safe driving example by not driving while distracted.

    5. Be a Safe Driving Example

    Parents and guardians are encouraged to play an active role in their teen driver’s driving education. The more time you spend driving with your teen, the more experience they will have and the safer they will be when driving alone.

    In addition to supervising your teen driving, you should also be a safe driving example. Your teen will imitate your driving behavior, so make sure you set a good example. If you have bad driving habits, now is a great time to work on them. Communicate with your teen that it is important that you both always do the following:

    • Obey all traffic laws.
    • Always wear your seat belt.
    • Drive the speed limit.
    • Pay attention.
    • Put down your cell phone.
    • Always stop at red lights and stop signs.
    • Drive calm (no aggressive driving).

    We hope the above teen driving safety tips help your teen stay safe on the road. If another driver injures you or your teen, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. Remember that insurance companies won’t take your side when it comes to you receiving top compensation for your injuries. You need an experienced car accident lawyer to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.


    If you are injured in a Las Vegas area car accident, you should speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will work aggressively to protect your rights and help you receive maximum compensation.

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