Do You Know Our Top 7 Spring Driving Safety Tips?

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    April 9 2021

    Our Top 7 Spring Driving Safety Tips

    Spring has begun and that can mean dangerous road conditions. Avoid potholes and stay safe on the roads this spring with our top 7 spring driving safety tips.

    We hope the below spring driving safety tips help you stay safe on the roads. If another driver injures you, you should seek medical attention immediately. Once you have gotten the injuries tended to, you should seek legal help from a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. The law firm of Anthem Injury Lawyers has a dedicated team of personal injury lawyers and staff. We offer the experience, knowledge, and expertise you need to win significant compensation. Contact us today at (702) 857-6000 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

    1. Proceed With Caution In Road Construction Zones

    Spring is when many road construction projects begin. If you are driving through a construction zone, we recommend that you proceed with caution and do the following:

    • Stay calm.
    • Plan for delays.
    • Pay attention to all posted signage. Follow the directions.
    • Minimize distractions.
    • Watch for brake lights on vehicles ahead of you.
    • Look out for trucks entering the road.
    • Stay alert for construction workers around construction zones.
    • If there is a lane closure, give yourself plenty of time to merge. Merge as early and as safely as possible.
    • Abide by the construction zone speed limit.
    • Give the car in front of you plenty of space.
    • Be patient.
    • Sometimes construction workers will help direct traffic around the work area using special flags or signs. Be sure to reduce your speed and obey the workers’ signals and directions.
    • Expect the unexpected. Construction sites change as the project evolves. Detours and signs change and barriers move. Do not expect the construction zone to be the same every day.

    If you are the victim in a construction zone accident, you should seek legal advice from an experienced car accident lawyer. The experienced team at Anthem Injury Lawyers can help you protect your rights and help you get the personal injury settlement that you deserve. You can rely on our Las Vegas car accident lawyers to aggressively fight for you. Contact us today at (702) 857-6000 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

    2. Replace Your Damaged Windshield Wiper Blades

    An easy spring driving safety tip to follow is to replace your damaged windshield wiper blades. Your windshield wiper blades help you safely see while driving in spring rain showers. Nevada law requires drivers to keep their windshield wiper system in good operating condition. It must be capable of effectively clearing the windshield. A clear windshield provides clear vision through the windshield under all ordinary conditions of rain or other moisture.

    3. Practice Tire Maintenance

    While you should practice tire maintenance year round, spring is a great time to check your tires. Proper tire maintenance can help you avoid a dangerous tire blowout. Do the following to properly maintain your tires.

    Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

    Proper tire pressure is an essential part of tire maintenance. It impacts safety and durability. Check the tire pressure regularly.

    Check Tire Tread

    Tire tread keeps the vehicle safe by providing the vehicle’s gripping action and traction.

    Ensure Proper Balance and Alignment

    Tire balancing ensures your wheels rotate properly. Have a qualified technician balance your tires and perform a wheel alignment.

    Abide by Recommended Tire Rotation Schedule

    Check your vehicle’s manual regarding tire rotation. Rotating the vehicle’s tires can help reduce irregular wear.

    Practicing tire maintenance can help you avoid a dangerous tire blowout. A blowout is when a tire suddenly loses air. It can be scary and even deadly if it causes an accident.

    If another party injures you because of a tire blowout, seek medical help immediately. Once you have sought medical care, you should seek legal advice from a personal injury lawyer who specializes in car accidents. A personal injury lawyer will assist you with dealing with the insurance company and getting you the compensation you deserve. It’s not necessary to fear insurance companies or other parties who may stand in your way when it comes to getting the compensation you’re entitled to, as an accident victim. The law firm of Anthem Injury Lawyers has a dedicated team of Las Vegas lawyers and staff ready to help you with your personal injury case. Contact us today at (702) 857-6000 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

    4. Watch Out for Animals

    Springtime is when wildlife is on the move. Drivers in the United States, on average, have a 1 in 116 chance of a collision with an animal. Drivers can take steps to lessen their chances of a collision with an animal by driving defensively and actively looking out for the following:

    • Wildlife on the road, in the ditch, on the shoulder, and in the right of way.
    • Movement on or alongside the road.
    • Shining eyes from the car’s headlights reflecting off the animal’s eyes.
    • Flickering headlights of oncoming cars or taillights. The flicker may be an animal crossing in the road.
    • Roadside reflectors that disappear/reappear. This might indicate an animal crossing in front of them.
    • Animals between dusk and dawn.

    5. Be Prepared for Extreme Weather

    Spring can usher in extreme weather including high wind and rain. Nevada drivers should be prepared for extreme weather. Extreme weather can create dangerous driving conditions. Use the following tips to safely navigate spring weather on the roads.

    High Wind Driving Tips

    Drivers should proceed with extreme caution if there is a wind advisory, a high wind watch, or a high wind warning. If possible, stay off the road until the weather calms. If you have to venture out, do the following:

    • Avoid driving a vehicle with a high center of gravity that can be impacted by high winds.
    • Reduce your speed to maintain control of your vehicle and increase your reaction time.
    • Keep distance between your vehicles and others on the road to allow for extra stopping time.
    • Stay alert for debris on the roadway.
    • Use caution around large vehicles which can be unpredictable during high winds.

    Rain Driving Tips

    Las Vegas can have intense and sudden rainstorms. If you are driving in the rain, use the following rain driving tips:

    • Turn off cruise control.
    • Use your windshield wipers.
    • Avoid puddles and standing water.
    • See and be seen. Rain impacts visibility. Turn on your headlights to help you see and ensure other drivers can see you.
    • Slow down.

    Even the most cautious driver can be injured in a car accident. If a Las Vegas driver injures you or a loved one, consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Anthem Injury Lawyers is a team of experienced, dedicated personal injury lawyers and case managers. We offer the level of expertise and knowledge you need to win your Las Vegas car accident case. Contact us today at (702) 857-6000 for a free consultation.

    6. Share the Road with Motorcycles

    Drivers have a responsibility to safely share the road with motorcycles. Use the following tips to safely share the road:

    • Motorcyclists have the right to their own traffic lane.
    • When the road is wet, or it is raining, allow extra following distance.
    • Two motorcycles may share a lane with consent.
    • Remember that motorcycles are smaller and less visible.
    • Dim your high beams when approaching a motorcycle.
    • Leave plenty of space when approaching a motorcycle from behind.
    • If you are changing lanes or turning, know where the motorcycle is located. Most motorcycles do not have self-canceling turn signals. Left turns in front of a motorcycle account for 46 percent of multi-vehicle fatal crashes.

    7. Watch Out for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

    Springtime also means more adults and kids will be venturing out. Drivers should be alert for pedestrians and bicyclists and safely share the road. Drivers can safely share the road by remembering the following:

    • Pedestrians can be distracted. Do not assume they are paying attention to the cars on the road.
    • Young children may not act as drivers expect. They can dart in front of traffic and ignore pedestrian crossing zones.
    • Drivers cannot drive or park in designated bicycle lanes or paths.
    • Safe passing is the driver’s responsibility. When passing, you must move into an adjacent lane to the left if possible. If not, you must pass with at least 3 feet of clearance between your car and the bicycle.
    • Drivers must yield the right-of-way to any person riding a bicycle on the pathway or lane.
    • Not all riders are experienced. Drivers should be especially patient and cautious around children on bikes.

    We hope these spring driving safety tips help you on the roads. If another driver injures you on a Las Vegas road, contact an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.


    The law firm of Anthem Injury Lawyers understands that a car accident can injure even the most cautious person. If another driver has injured you or a loved one, it is important that you seek experienced legal representation. Our car accident lawyers serve the Las Vegas area with the knowledge and expertise to help you gain maximum compensation for your injuries.

    With over 25 years of experience, award-winning Las Vegas law firm Anthem Injury Lawyers specializes in personal injury claims. If you cannot visit our Las Vegas area office, we can come to you to discuss your car accident case. When you speak with our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers you’ll discover that our expertise is exactly what you need. Now is the best time to have us get to work as your Las Vegas car accident lawyers. Call our personal injury lawyers now at (702) 857-6000 to make an appointment for a free consultation. We are ready to represent you in your Las Vegas car accident case.

    Published by Puneet K. Garg

    Attorney Puneet K. Garg is one of the founding partners of Anthem Injury Law. He has vast experience serving various clients with their different needs. Puneet’s representation of clients has included serving as counsel to Fortune 500 companies, large and small healthcare providers, celebrities, large and small businesses, personal injury victims and individuals needing help with their everyday needs. He has represented clients from all over the world in both state and federal court in Nevada.

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