Do You Know Our Top 10 Back To School Safety Tips for Drivers?

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    August 17 2021

    Do You Know Our Top 10 Back To School Safety Tips for Drivers?

    More than 300,000 Clark County School District students have returned to school. This means that you will encounter a lot more cars and pedestrians on your daily commute. If the return to school has caught you off guard, do not fret. We have all of the information you need in this article. Read on for our top 10 back to school safety tips for drivers.

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    Our Top 10 Back To School Safety Tips for Drivers

    The new school year can be exciting. It can also be stressful, if you are a driver. Calm your nerves by reading our top 10 back to school safety tips for drivers.

    1. Plan for Extra Commute Time

    Back to school means that there are more cars, buses, and pedestrians out on the road. You should plan for extra commute time, especially during the beginning and end of the school day.

    2. Abide By School Zone Speed Limits

    In school zones, the speed limit is either 15 or 25 miles per hour. These speed limits are in effect on school days from half an hour before school begins to half an hour after school ends.

    Some areas use flashing yellow lights to indicate when the speed limit is in effect. These lights may be turned off during hours students are actually in classes. If so, the speed limit then reverts to that posted for non-school hours.

    School zone speed limits help everyone stay safe. If you are pulled over for speeding in a school zone, you may face an added penalty.

    3. Obey School Crossing Guards

    Under Nevada law, drivers must obey school crossing guards. Violating the direction of a school crossing guard is a misdemeanor. Per Nevada Revised Statute 484B.350, drivers:

    • Shall stop in obedience to the direction or traffic-control signal of a school crossing guard; and
    • Shall not proceed until the highway is clear of all persons, including, without limitation, the school crossing guard.

    4. Stop for School Buses

    Pay extra attention any time you see a school bus. The greatest risk to a child is approaching or leaving a school bus. Under Nevada Revised Statute 484B.353, all drivers are required to stop for school buses when:

    • Students are boarding and departing.
    • The bus is displaying its flashing red lights.

    On divided highways with a median or other physical barrier, traffic moving in the opposite direction does not have to stop.

    5. Avoid Bus “No-Zones”

    You can help to avoid bus crashes by avoiding bus “No-Zones.” According to the Nevada Driver Handbook, the “No-Zone” is the area around buses where cars “disappear” into blind spots. If bus drivers cannot see you, the possibility of a collision is greatly increased. The right-side blind spot is doubly dangerous because buses make wide right turns.

    6. Watch for Children

    Back to school means that children will be present in neighborhoods, parks, schools, and routes to schools. You should watch for children in these areas, especially before and after school. Do not assume that children will act like rational pedestrians.

    Keep the following points in mind from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles:

    • Children can understand basic safety rules, but they do not have the judgment to cope with traffic until at least age 10.
    • Children assume that if they see the driver, the driver sees them.
    • They cannot judge speed and think cars can stop instantly.
    • Children are shorter than adults and cannot see over cars, bushes, and other objects.
    • They often act before thinking. Children may not do what parents or drivers expect.

    7. Reverse Responsibly

    Look twice before backing up your vehicle. Always check for children behind and around your vehicle. Drive slowly when leaving driveways and parking spots.

    8. Share the Road

    You have a responsibility to share the road safely. This includes sharing the road with other drivers and buses. It also means sharing the road and being aware of bicyclists, scooters, new and inexperienced drivers, and pedestrians.

    9. Be Patient

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful for everyone. The return of in-person learning can be stressful even under normal circumstances. Be patient as everyone adjusts to a new schedule.

    10. Practice Safe Driving

    You are responsible for your safety, and the safety of your passengers. You can help to protect everyone by practicing safe driving. How do you practice safe driving? Use the following safe driving tips:

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