Do You Know How To Lower the Risk of a Collision?

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    Do You Know How To Lower the Risk of a Collision?
    November 30 2022

    This year 312 people have lost their lives in Nevada crashes. While not all accidents can be avoided, you can take steps to protect yourself and others on the road. Here we provide our top tips to lower the risk of a collision.

    If you are injured in a car accident, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will help to protect your rights and ensure you receive maximum compensation. Contact Anthem Injury Lawyers at (702) 857-6000 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

    Watch Your Speed

    Speeding is far too common on Nevada roads. Speeding is a major contributing factor to driver, pedestrian, and bicyclist fatalities. In Nevada, speeding accounts for nearly one-third of all traffic deaths.

    Why is speeding so dangerous? According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, speed influences the risk of crashes and crash injuries in the following ways:

    • It increases the distance a vehicle travels from the time a driver detects an emergency to the time the driver reacts.
    • It increases the distance needed to stop a vehicle once the driver starts to brake.
    • It increases the risk that an evasive steering maneuver will result in loss of control.

    If you want to lower the risk of a collision, you should watch your speed. In Nevada, drivers must drive at reasonable and proper speeds. One of the best ways to watch your speed is by following Nevada’s speed laws. For more information on Nevada’s speed laws, see Do You Know Nevada Speed Laws?

    In addition to posted speed limits, Nevada drivers must consider the following:

    • Amount and type of traffic
    • Weather
    • Road conditions
    • Other relevant factors

    Las Vegas drivers are notorious for speeding. If you are injured by a speeding driver, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer.

    Look Out for Others

    As a driver, you should look out for others on and near the road. This includes bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. You should be especially alert in school zones and other areas where children are present.

    Pedestrian accidents are most likely to occur between intersections and after dark. Look out for others. For more tips, see Do You Know Our Top Pedestrian Safety Tips? and Do You Know Nevada Pedestrian Laws for Drivers?

    Use Your Signal

    Your turn signal is your way of communicating with other drivers and pedestrians. It lets others know of your intentions on the road. Using your turn signal can help you avoid a collision.

    Nevada Revised Statute 484B.413 provides as follows:

    • A signal of intention to turn right or left, or otherwise turn a vehicle from a direct course, shall be given continuously during not less than the last 100 feet traveled in a business or residential district and not less than the last 300 feet traveled in any other area prior to changing the course of a vehicle.

    Check the Weather

    The best way to lower the risk of a collision during inclement weather is to stay home. If you can, you should avoid driving in heavy rain, fog, snow, and high wind. Inclement weather can impact visibility and make it difficult to maintain control of your vehicle. This can increase your risk of a collision.

    Before you find yourself on the road in inclement weather, you should take steps to make it safer for you to travel. You can make it safer for you to travel with regular vehicle maintenance. Check your tires and ensure that you have the proper tires for the weather conditions. Your tires can impact your ability to safely operate your vehicle. You should also regularly inspect your windshield wipers and replace your windshield wipers as needed. Your windshield wipers can impact your ability to safely see and navigate in inclement weather conditions.

    Pay Attention

    Distracted driving increases the likelihood that you will be involved in a collision. If you want to lower the risk of a collision you should pay attention and avoid distracted driving. Focus on the road and avoid doing any of the following while driving:

    • Looking at your phone
    • Using your phone
    • Eating
    • Drinking
    • Checking your reflection
    • Engaging in emotional conversations
    • Turning to look in the backseat
    • Taking a hand off of the steering wheel
    • Adjusting the temperature or stereo controls

    Unfortunately, not everyone makes safe driving choices. If a distracted driver injures you in a Las Vegas area accident, seek medical help immediately. Once you receive proper medical treatment, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer.

    Keep Your Distance

    Space is important. Especially on the road. Leaving space between you and the vehicle in front of you ensures that you have plenty of reaction time. If you are driving, keeping your distance from other vehicles on the road can help to lower the risk of a collision.

    Remain Calm

    Driving can be stressful. The safest choice you can make is to remain calm. Aggressive driving and road rage can increase the likelihood of a collision.

    Remember, you are in charge of your emotions and how you react to frustrations on the road. If you feel yourself getting agitated, take a deep breath and count to 10. If you are engaging in unsafe driving practices because you are angry or stressed, take a moment to safely pull off the road. Use the break to calm yourself down. Only return to the road when it is safe.


    We hope the above discussion helps you understand how to lower the risk of a collision in Las Vegas. Your choice of an accident lawyer is one of the most consequential decisions you will ever make. It’s important to select a Las Vegas attorney that can put you in the best position to win your case. That’s why you need to speak with Anthem Injury Lawyers. Get the best accident attorneys in Las Vegas fighting for you. Contact Anthem Injury Lawyers today at (702) 857-6000 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

    Published by Puneet K. Garg

    Attorney Puneet K. Garg is one of the founding partners of Anthem Injury Law. He has vast experience serving various clients with their different needs. Puneet’s representation of clients has included serving as counsel to Fortune 500 companies, large and small healthcare providers, celebrities, large and small businesses, personal injury victims and individuals needing help with their everyday needs. He has represented clients from all over the world in both state and federal court in Nevada.

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