Do You Know How to Handle a Multi-Vehicle Crash?

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    Do You Know How to Handle a Multi-Vehicle Crash?
    July 6 2022

    Late last month, a chain-reaction crash involving five vehicles caused minor injuries and clogged traffic in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, multi-vehicle crashes are a common occurrence in the Las Vegas Valley. Here, we discuss how to handle a multi-vehicle crash.

    If you are injured in a Las Vegas area multi-vehicle crash, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will help to protect your rights and ensure you receive maximum compensation.

    As a Las Vegas accident victim, you don’t want to fight alone against insurance companies. They do not have your best interests in mind. Anthem Injury Lawyers has a dedicated team of lawyers and staff ready to help you with your personal injury case. Insurance companies and other parties are not interested in helping you receive what you should as a victim in a Las Vegas accident. Your Las Vegas accident lawyer should have a proven track record of winning cases like yours for significant compensation. Our lawyers offer you 25 years of experience winning top compensation for Las Vegas accident victims.

    Time is of the essence when pursuing compensation in car accident cases. Don’t delay—have our Las Vegas accident lawyers review your case. Sometimes people avoid contacting an accident lawyer because they worry about cost. You don’t have to worry about affordability. Our attorneys don’t get paid unless they win your case. Contact Anthem Injury Lawyers at (702) 857-6000 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

    What Is a Multi-Vehicle Crash?

    A multi-vehicle crash, also called a multi-car collision, is a type of accident that involves three or more vehicles. These types of accidents include pileups or chain-reaction crashes (like the accident in Las Vegas last month).

    Who Is at Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Crash?

    It’s important to hire an attorney after a multi-vehicle crash because determining fault when so many vehicles and drivers are involved can get complicated. Determining fault involves proving that a driver (or drivers) was negligent. Negligence is a legal theory used in car accident cases. It refers to a failure of to exercise appropriate care when driving.

    Determining who is at fault in a multi-vehicle crash necessitates a thorough investigation. This includes contacting witnesses, experts, the police, and insurance companies. It also involves reviewing any photographs or videos of the accident and the accident scene. When investigating an accident, there are a number of factors to consider including the following:

    • Speeding
    • Following too close
    • Failure to stop at a stop sign or red light
    • Distracted driving
    • Reckless driving
    • Driving without headlights
    • Driving on the wrong side of the road
    • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

    If you’ve been the victim in a multi-vehicle car accident in the Las Vegas area, don’t go at it alone—get the professional representation that can protect your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve. At Anthem Injury Lawyers we have years of experience representing clients in car accident cases. Call us today (702) 857-6000 to schedule your free consultation.

    How to Handle a Multi-Vehicle Crash

    Being involved in a multi-vehicle crash can be a scary and overwhelming experience. After an accident, it can be difficult to know what to do next. If you are involved in a multi-vehicle crash, the most important thing you can do is try to remain calm. After you take a deep breath, use the following tips.

    Come to a Complete Stop

    After a multi-vehicle crash, the first thing you should do is safely bring your vehicle to a stop. This may not be necessary if your vehicle has already been brought to a stop. Turn off your ignition and turn on your hazard lights. Your hazard lights warn other drivers that you are stopped and that there is an incident.

    Do Not Create More of a Hazard

    Accidents create safety hazards for other vehicles and people. Even if you are involved in an accident, you should try to avoid creating more of a hazard. If it is possible to do so safely, you may need to move your vehicle to the side of the road. Keep in mind that after a multi-vehicle crash this may not be possible.

    Before you do anything, you should check your surroundings. If you are going to get out of your vehicle, make sure the roadway is clear.

    Call 911

    As soon as it is safe to do so you should call 911. Depending on the severity of the crash, this may be the first thing you do. Even if everything and everyone seems okay, you should still call 911. Calling 911 will ensure that medical care is available and that a police officer responds.

    Check on Others

    If you are okay or capable, then you should check on others involved in the crash. Nevada law requires that you provide reasonable assistance to anybody injured in a crash.

    While you are checking on others, be careful what you discuss. Do not admit fault. If other drivers are angry or upset, do not engage.

    Get Medical Care

    If you are injured, you should get medical care immediately. Do not wait. Keep in mind that not all injuries are immediately apparent. This means that even if you feel okay, you may still want to seek medical care.

    Gather Information

    If possible, you should try to gather information after the accident. Depending on the severity of the accident and your injuries, this is not always possible. If you can gather information, you should obtain the following:

    • The names, license information, insurance information, and plate numbers of the other drivers involved.
    • The names and contact information of witnesses to the crash.
    • Pictures or videos of the accident scene and injuries.
    • The name of any responding officers.

    Follow the Law

    One of the worse things you can do after an accident is to leave the scene. Obviously, if you are injured you may leave in an ambulance. Otherwise, Nevada law requires that a driver involved in a crash do the following:

    • Stop at the scene of the crash.
    • Give information. This includes the driver’s name, address, and the registration number of the vehicle the driver is driving.
    • Render to any person injured in such crash reasonable assistance.

    Obtain a Copy of the Traffic Collision Report

    If a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer responds to the crash and takes a report, a copy of the report will be available within 7 to 14 days. Please note that you must complete a report regarding the traffic collision with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles if a report is not taken by police.

    Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

    If you are injured in a Las Vegas area multi-vehicle crash, the most important thing you can do is get medical care. After you receive medical care, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the complicated process following a multi-vehicle crash. The team at Anthem Injury Lawyers offers free consultations.


    If you are injured in a Las Vegas area multi-vehicle crash, you should speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Some people wonder why they need a personal injury lawyer to help them. A personal injury lawyer will work aggressively to protect your rights and help you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

    When we say we offer personal injury law experience, we mean over 25 years of experience. This is the combination of knowledge and expertise you need to win significant compensation as a victim in a Las Vegas area accident. Our decades of experience, our expertise, plus our deep familiarity with all aspects of Nevada law, give you a powerful advantage. You will need that advantage to fight against those who may keep you from receiving what you deserve as a Las Vegas accident victim. It’s important to select a Las Vegas attorney that can put you in the best position to win your case. That’s why you need to speak with Anthem Injury Lawyers. Get the best accident attorneys in Las Vegas fighting for you. Our experts offer you the best opportunity to win top compensation. Contact Anthem Injury Lawyers today at (702) 857-6000 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

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