Do You Know How To Drive in Snow and Rain?

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    February 1 2021

    Do You Know How To Drive in Snow and Rain?

    Were you one of the Las Vegas residents surprised to wake up to a winter wonderland? It was an uncommon occurrence when snow dusted Las Vegas valley. Then came the rain showers. Were you caught off guard or do you know how to drive in snow and rain? Below we will discuss tips for driving in snow and rain to help you stay safe on the roads.

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    How To Drive in Snow and Rain

    Driving in snow and rain can be stressful. If you live in Las Vegas you are probably not used to winter driving conditions. The safest place for you to be during a rain and snow storm is at home, not on the roads. It is always best to stay home during winter weather conditions. If you do decide to venture out, use our below tips to stay safe on the roads in snow and rain.

    Plan Ahead

    If you know there will be snow or rain, give yourself extra travel time. Check weather and road conditions by dialing 511 within Nevada. Dial 1-877-NV-ROADS outside of Nevada. If you are traveling far, share your travel itinerary so others know when to expect you.

    Prepare Your Car

    Clean your car and make sure it is properly equipped before you leave. Clean windows, mirrors, lights, turn signals, and license plates. Remove snow and ice from the vehicle. Defrost windows if necessary, both before and while driving. Complete your vehicle safety checklist, which should include the following:

    • Battery
    • Lights
    • Windshield wiper blades and fluid reservoir
    • Defrosters
    • Floor mats
    • Tires
    • Gas

    Prepare Yourself for Safe Driving

    Be mindful that wet conditions mean wet shoes. When getting into your car, your wet shoes may create slippery conditions. This can be dangerous for driving as well as getting in and out of the vehicle. Dry the soles of your shoes before driving.

    Winter driving can be stressful. Remind yourself to remain calm before and during your drive. Make a plan for what to do if the driving situation is too difficult.

    Always Wear Your Seat Belt

    In Nevada, drivers and passengers are required to wear a seat belt. Children younger than 6 years old and weighing less than 60 pounds must be properly secured in an approved child safety seat. The child safety seat must be appropriate for the child’s size and weight. It should also be properly installed.

    Avoid Distracted Driving

    Drivers should always pay attention, especially in snow and rain. That is why it is so important to avoid distracted driving. Distracted driving is anything that takes your attention away from the task of safe driving.

    Put down your cell phone. In Nevada, it is illegal to physically handle a cell phone or other electronic device while driving. Pay attention and look out for other vehicles and pedestrians.

    Turn Off Cruise Control

    You should not drive with cruise control on in wet weather. If you use cruise control you may not have the same traction as you would without cruise control.

    Use Your Windshield Wipers

    Under Nevada law, drivers must use their windshield wipers while driving in snow or rain. Nevada Revised Statute 484D.445 provides the following (in part):

    1. Every motor vehicle equipped with a windshield shall be equipped with a self-operating windshield wiper system which shall be so constructed as to be controlled by the driver.
    2. The windshield wiper system with which the vehicle is equipped shall be maintained in good operating condition and capable of effectively clearing the windshield so as to provide clear vision through the windshield for the driver under all ordinary conditions of rain, snow or other moisture.
    3. The wiper system shall be operated while the vehicle is being driven during conditions of rain, snow or other moisture which obstruct or reduce the driver’s clear view through the windshield.

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    Avoid Puddles and Standing Water

    Water impacts your vehicle’s grip on the road. Avoid flooded areas and standing water. Never attempt to cross running water or flooded areas.

    See and Be Seen

    Rain and snow can impact visibility. Turn on your headlights to help you see and ensure other drivers can see you. Under Nevada law, drivers must use headlights in the following situations:

    • At any time from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise.
    • At any other time when persons and vehicles on the highway are not clearly discernible at a distance of 1,000 feet ahead.

    Slow Down

    Reduce your speed in winter driving conditions. Speed limits are based on normal road and weather conditions. There is no such thing as a completely safe speed on snowy or wet roads. Road conditions change with each city block or stretch of highway.

    Do Not Slam on Brakes

    Avoid sudden changes in speed. If your vehicle begins to skid, steer in the direction of the slide and slowly remove your foot from the accelerator.

    In winter driving conditions you should brake earlier and with less force than you would in normal driving conditions. In general, gentle braking will allow you to slow down and stop safely. Gentle braking uses a slow light touch and release pattern. If your vehicle has an anti-lock braking system (ABS), activate the anti-lock feature with firm, continuous pressure on the brake pedal.

    Give Space

    Give other vehicles plenty of space. It may take other vehicles additional time to stop in winter conditions.

    Use Caution

    Winter driving conditions can change quickly. Use caution and only drive when it is safe. If you have difficulty seeing the roadway, pull off to a safe location. Stay alert for black ice. Use extra caution on bridges, ramps, overpasses and shaded areas. These areas tend to freeze first.


    We hope these tips help you stay safe on the roads. The law firm of Anthem Injury Lawyers understands that even the most cautious driver can be injured in a car accident. If another driver has injured you, it’s important that you seek experienced legal representation. Our car accident lawyers serve the Las Vegas area with the knowledge and expertise to help you gain maximum compensation for your injuries. We offer the professional experience you need when going up against insurance companies who are not motivated to pay you the compensation you deserve for injuries sustained in your Las Vegas car accident.

    With over 25 years of experience, Anthem Injury Lawyers specializes in personal injury claims. If you cannot visit our Las Vegas area office, we can come to you to discuss your car accident case. When you speak with our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers you’ll discover that our experience and expertise are exactly what you need. Now is the right time to pursue your Las Vegas car accident case and get the compensation you deserve. Call our personal injury lawyers now at (702) 857-6000 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

    Published by Puneet K. Garg

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