Different Types of Expert Witnesses

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    June 12 2019

    If you were injured in a car accident and are working with a lawyer on your personal injury case, chances are he or she may call in an expert witness to help strengthen and prove your case.

    An expert witness is someone who can provide in-depth information and analysis based on their particular experience in a field.  

    Here are some of the most common types of experts that may be called in to testify about your car accident case.

    Different Types of Expert Witnesses

    Medical Expert

    An independent medical care provider may be called in to assess your injury and give reports or options as needed.  The exact type of medical expert that is brought in will depend on your type of injury.

    Mental Health Expert

    A mental health expert may be brought in to discuss how your injury has impacted your mental and emotional well-being and reduced your quality of life.

    Highway Safety Expert

    A highway safety expert is a type of expert witness who can testify about the conditions of the road at the time of your accident.  He or she may offer testimony about highway construction, highway design, highway engineering, traffic signals, road conditions, or street maintenance.

    Accident Reconstructionist

    An accident reconstruction expert may be brought in to rebuild the scene of the accident and to testify about the likely chain of events that led to the accident.


    If you had to miss work or are struggling to pay your bills because of the serious injuries that you suffered in your accident, an economist can offer expert witness testimony about your special employment needs and any lost earning capacity that resulted from your auto accident.

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