Did You Know There’s a New Website Feature for Critical Safety Recalls?

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    Did You Know There's a New Website Feature for Critical Safety Recalls?
    December 27 2022

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is responsible for keeping people safe on America’s roadways. It provides important recall information to the public. This year it launched a new tool. The tool helps vehicle owners quickly identify if their vehicle has an urgent safety recall where the vehicle should not be driven or parked inside until fixed. Here, we discuss the new tool and provide additional information on a recent recall and how to check for important recalls.

    New Website Feature for Critical Safety Recalls

    The NHTSA is offering a new tool to help vehicle owners quickly identify if their vehicle has an urgent safety recall where either of the following is true:

    • The vehicle should not be driven
    • The vehicle should not be parked inside until fixed

    This new feature came out earlier this year. To access the feature, an owner can simply go to NHTSA.gov/Recalls and enter their vehicle information. If the vehicle has a do not drive or a fire risk recall, a red box will display at the top of the page. The box will provide additional information on the recall and a link to access more information. At the top of the red box, one of the following notices will be displayed in bold:


    This feature is to help vehicle owners understand the urgency of the recalls. It’s also there to help owners understand the importance of taking preventative actions until the recall repair is completed.

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    Recent Subaru Recall for Fire Risk

    Unfortunately, this eye-catching feature is getting a lot of use. That is because there have been a number of fire-related recalls issued recently. One of the most recent recalls was issued this month:

    The recall was issued by Subaru of America on select Model Year 2019-2022 Subaru Ascent vehicles. The recall is due to an increased fire risk and affects 271,694 vehicles. Per the NHTSA:

    • Owners are urged to park their vehicles outside away from structures and avoid leaving the vehicle unattended while the engine is running.
    • If an owner notices or smells smoke coming from the dash or driver’s footwell area, they should immediately stop the vehicle and turn the ignition off.

    There have been two fires reported. Per the Safety Recall Report:

    • An improperly fastened ground terminal for the Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heater may result in the melting of the ground terminal and surrounding components when the PTC heater is in operation. If the ground terminal melts, there is an increased risk of fire.

    If you drive a Subaru Ascent, you should check if your vehicle has a recall. Even if you don’t drive a Subaru, you should still check if your vehicle has a recall. How do you check for a recall? Read on to find out.

    How To Check for a Recall

    You put yourself and others at risk when you drive a vehicle that is not safe. An important part of vehicle safety is regularly checking for recalls. The NHTSA provides a number of tools that make checking for a recall simple, including those discussed below.

    Search for Safety Issues and Recalls

    You can find out more about safety issues and recalls by clicking on Recalls at the top of the NHTSA homepage. The Recalls page will guide you through searching for safety issues and recalls. You can search by vehicle identification number, vehicle, car seats, tires, equipment, and other criteria. If you are searching for vehicle safety issues and recalls you will most likely use one of the following search options:

    Sign Up for Emails

    On the NHTSA website, you can sign up for the NHTSA’s Recall Notification Email System. Once you enter your email address, you will receive notifications about recalls.

    Get the SaferCar App

    You can also get the NHTSA’s free SaferCar app. You can get vital, current recall information by doing the following:

    1. Download the SaferCar app
    2. Add your vehicle, then type in or scan your Vehicle Identification Number
    3. Add car seats, tires, and equipment

    SaferCar will send you an alert on your mobile device when it discovers a safety recall for the vehicle or equipment you entered.


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