Did You Know It’s Rail Safety Week

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    September 20 2021

    Did You Know It’s Rail Safety Week?

    Did you know it’s Rail Safety Week? This year, Rail Safety Week is September 20 through September 26. Read on as we discuss Rail Safety Week and provide rail safety tips for pedestrians and drivers.

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    Rail Safety Week

    Rail Safety Week is held in September each year. The goal of Rail Safety Week is to do the following:

    • Raise awareness of the need for rail safety education
    • Empower the public to keep themselves safe near rails and tracks

    Why Is Rail Safety Week Important?

    Trains are a danger to both pedestrians and vehicles. Every three hours in the United States, a person or vehicle is hit by a train. According to the Federal Railroad Administration’s Office of Safety Analysis, in 2020, the following railroad accidents occurred:

    • 1,901 vehicle-train collisions
    • 198 fatalities
    • 685 injuries

    How can you stay safe around trains and tracks? Below, we will provide rail safety tips for both pedestrians and drivers.

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    Rail Safety Tips for Pedestrians

    Do you know how to walk safely near railroad tracks? Use the following safety tips for pedestrians provided by Operation Lifesaver:

    • Do not walk on or beside railroad tracks. That is illegal.
    • Only cross tracks at designated crossings. The only safe place to cross is at a designated public crossing with either a crossbuck, flashing red lights, or a gate. If a pedestrian crosses at any other place, they are trespassing.
    • Avoid selfies. “Selfies” and photo shoots on train tracks are dangerous and illegal. More than 20 Americans have been killed or injured in photography-related train track incidents since 2011.
    • Always expect a train. Trains are quiet and fast. Trains can run on any track at any time.
    • Use extra caution and attention when crossing tracks on a bike, with a stroller, or in a wheelchair. Cyclists should walk across the tracks. A wheelchair or stroller may require extra time or assistance to navigate across the tracks.
    • Obey flashing lights and lowered gates. Never pass flashing lights or go around lowered gates.
    • Do not cross until you can see clearly in both directions. Multiple tracks may mean multiple trains.
    • Stay off railroad bridges and trestles. Stay out of railroad tunnels. There is only room for the train.
    • Do not attempt to hop aboard railroad equipment. Do not play on trains or tracks. Never climb on, under, or through railroad cars. Never jump on or off a train while it is moving.
    • Stay alert. Put down your cell phone and turn off your headphones before you cross.

    Rail Safety Tips for Drivers

    The Nevada Department of Transportation provides the following rail safety tips for drivers:

    • Obey all signs and signals. Traffic control systems for railroad crossings may include signals, signs, lights, and markings.
    • Leave stuck vehicles. Avoid stalling and do not shift gears while crossing the tracks. Leave a stuck vehicle on the tracks. Exit the vehicle immediately and notify local law enforcement or railroad authorities.
    • Trains cannot stop in time to miss cars. It can take the average freight train traveling at 55 miles per hour, a mile or more to stop.
    • Pay attention. Distracted driving is dangerous driving. In Nevada, a driver may not talk, send or receive messages or search the internet on a cellular telephone or other handheld wireless device.
    • Do not cross until you have a clear view of all tracks. Drivers stopped at a crossing where there is more than one set of tracks must wait until they have a clear view. This view should be clear in both directions. Drivers should only proceed when they can see all sets of tracks are clear.
    • Park away from tracks. Never park a vehicle within 50 feet of the nearest rail of a railroad.
    • Follow the law. For more information, see our article Do You Know Nevada Railroad Crossing Laws?

    Railroad safety is everyone’s priority. If you are the victim in a railroad accident, contact Anthem Injury Lawyers. Las Vegas Anthem Injury Lawyers is a team of experienced, dedicated personal injury lawyers and case managers. Don’t wait: now is the right time to consult our experienced personal injury attorneys. Contact Anthem Injury Lawyers today at (702) 857-6000 to make an appointment for a free consultation.


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