Did You Know It’s Older Driver Safety Awareness Week?

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    Older Driver Safety Awareness Week
    December 6 2021

    Our population is aging. Today, there are more than 46 million adults age 65 and older living in the United States. As the aging population grows, so does the number of older drivers. Older drivers can face their own unique challenges. Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is a time to bring attention to different aspects of older driver safety. This year, Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is December 6 through December 10. In recognition of this week, we will go over different older driver safety topics to consider.

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    Talk To Your Family

    If you are an older driver, you should talk to your family and have an open discussion about your driving. You should be able to communicate your concerns and needs to your family. Similarly, your family should be able to discuss their own concerns with you. You should have these conversations regularly.

    If you have not already begun having driver safety conversations with your family, then the holidays are a great time to start. You can initiate the conversation about your own concerns as well as ideas on how to address any issues. Your family may also want to discuss their concerns as well as help you identify solutions to any outstanding safe driving obstacles.

    Anticipate Changes That Can Affect Driving

    As you or a loved one age it is important that you anticipate changes that can affect driving. Changes that come with age can be physical, mental, and emotional. Not everyone changes in the same way or at the same rate. It is important that you pay attention to how you are changing and how those changes may affect your driving.

    The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) compiled the following five questions to assess whether it is okay to stay behind the wheel.

    1. Do you frequently have difficulty reading street signs and seeing street markings?
    2. Does driving leave you feeling anxious and stressed?
    3. Have friends or family members expressed concern regarding your driving, or said they don’t feel safe with you behind the wheel?
    4. Do you have difficulty with certain physical requirements of driving? For example, do you have trouble looking over your shoulder when changing lanes?
    5. Are you currently taking medication that causes drowsiness or otherwise impedes your ability to drive?

    What happens if you answer “yes” to any of the above questions? That is up to you. Just because you are experiencing changes doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to stop driving. You may however, need to make modifications to your driving routine to address your individual needs.

    Driver Interventions

    Are you experiencing changes that are affecting your driving? These changes can have an impact on your safety and the safety of those around you. However, you have many options to help you to continue to drive safely, including those discussed below.

    • Check your vision regularly. If you have difficulty reading street signs and seeing street markings then you may have a vision problem. The sooner you get your vision checked, the sooner you may be able to address the problem.
    • Consult with a driver rehabilitation specialist. The specialist can help if you’re becoming anxious or uncertain about your ability to safely operate a vehicle. A specialist will assess your abilities and offer advice to help you drive more safely.
    • Evaluate your medication. Talk to your doctor about how your medication may be impacting your driving.
    • Talk to your doctor about physical issues. If you have difficulty performing necessary driving tasks, your doctor may be able to recommend physical therapy or fitness programs.
    • Limit your driving. Just because you are having driving difficulties doesn’t mean you have to give up driving altogether. You may be able to limit your driving to work within your abilities. For example, if driving in heavy traffic is too stressful, then you may choose not to drive during rush hour. If you find that you have difficulty driving at night, then you may choose to only drive during the day. Additionally, if going new places is difficult to navigate, then you may choose to only drive familiar routes or to certain locations.
    • Modify or upgrade your vehicle. If you have physical limitations that impact your driving ability, you may be able to modify your equipment to make it fit your needs. This may include technology upgrades or adaptive features.

    Stay Engaged

    Driving can be a source of independence. It can be difficult for an older adult to learn that they can no longer drive safely. When an older adult learns that they need to limit or stop driving, they  have two choices:

    1. Find another way to get to the places they want to go
    2. Stop leaving their home

    If you are an older adult it is important that you stay engaged in your community. If you find that you can no longer drive, you may have several options for getting out and about. You may be able to use alternate transportation services such as public transportation, ride shares, community transportation, volunteer driver programs, or taxis. Talk to your family and friends about how you can stay engaged even if you cannot drive. 


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