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    Bicycle accident injuries are a common occurrence in Las Vegas.  If you’ve been hurt in a bike accident, let the experienced personal injury attorneys at Anthem Injury Lawyers fight your bicycle injury case for you.  Our law firm has the experience and knowledge required to get maximum compensation for our clients. Injured cyclists can rest assured that the bike accident attorneys at Anthem will be on your side. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

    Bicycle Accidents in Las Vegas

    Riding a bicycle is a popular leisure activity and form of transportation for locals and tourists in Las Vegas alike. Unfortunately, biking can be dangerous or fatal when bicyclists are involved in accidents with motor vehicles.

    The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center estimates that almost 50,000 bicyclists are injured each year. Additionally, there are more than 800 bicyclist deaths each year. If you or a loved one was the victim of a bike crash, you should consult with an experienced bike accident lawyer who can help you navigate the legal issues you may face in bringing your bicycle accident claim.

    Traffic Laws for Bicycle Riders

    Bicyclists must obey the same rules of the road as the driver of any motor vehicle. When riding a bike on the road, a bicyclist is required to obey stop signs and traffic lights and yield to pedestrians.

    If a bike lane is available, bicyclists must use the bicycle lane. If there is no designated bike lane available, a bike rider should remain on the far right of the road.

    Both motor vehicles and bicycles are required to have operating brake systems that are able to bring a vehicle to a complete stop within 25 feet of using the brake system.

    Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

    When a bicyclist is in an accident on the road, there is typically a motor vehicle involved. A collision between a bicyclist and a negligent driver often results in serious injuries.

    Common Bike Accident Injuries Include:

    • Broken bones
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Lacerations

    While you are seeking medical attention and healing, let the attorneys and staff at the law offices of Anthem Injury Lawyers deal with the rest.  We can deal with the insurance companies and help you gain just compensation to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.

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    What is the 3-foot rule?

    A motorist is required to leave a 3-foot clearance when following a cyclist. Here are some critical Nevada traffic laws that when followed make everyone on the road safe. As Las Vegas accident attorneys, we often see accidents resulting from drivers ignoring these laws. In many cases, drivers aren’t even aware of some of these laws, which are increasingly overlooked.

    • Motorists must yield the right of way to cyclists as they do to pedestrians.
    • When passing a cyclist, motorists must move to the adjacent lane (left lane if possible). If not, the motorist must pass with at least a 3-foot gap.
    • A motorist must yield right of way to a cyclist on a bicycle path or bike lane.
    • A cyclist must ride on the right side of the roadway.
    • A cyclist must obey all traffic signs and use hand signals for turns, and follow all traffic laws.
    • Cyclists on their part should follow not only all traffic laws but also safe riding guidelines everytime they get on the road.
    • Cyclists should always obey the law, wear a helmet, keep bikes well maintained, wear bright clothes, ride on the right side of the road, and ride at night with lights and reflectors.

    Free Consultation with a Las Vegas Bicycle Accident Lawyer

    If you or a loved one has been injured while riding a bicycle in the Las Vegas area, you should consult with our experienced personal injury lawyers today.  We offer free consultations where we will offer you legal advice and legal representation based on the individual facts of your bicycle accident case.

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