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    Millions of accidents happen each year in the United States. But when an accident happens to you or a loved one, it can turn your life upside down.

    At Anthem Injury Lawyers, we invest our time in helping our clients get the justice they deserve when they have been hurt. If you’ve been injured in the Las Vegas, NV area, you might not know where to turn for help. You might be missing time from work, healing from your injuries, and dealing with costly medical bills. Consult with an experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer. Once they get involved, they will help you handle your car accident claim and ensure that you recover the maximum compensation. Never settle for a settlement offer from the other driver’s insurance company without first contacting the legal team at Anthem Injury Lawyers.

    What is a personal injury claim?

    A personal injury happens when:

    • You have been injured
    • Another party is liable for those injuries

    You may have a valid claim if you can prove that someone else injured you, and they are responsible for those injuries. If you have a valid claim, you may be entitled to compensation.

    These can include things like a car accident injury, pedestrian accident, truck accidents, wrongful death, slip and fall, or a bicycle accident.

    What are common examples of personal injury cases?

    The most common examples of personal injury cases are car crashes and motorcycle accidents. A car accident occurs when a driver fails to exercise reasonable care while driving. This could be due to negligence, distracted driving, or drunk driving. Many times, car accidents lead to serious injuries like whiplash, lacerations, spinal cord injuries, or even traumatic brain injuries that require medical treatment. If you have injuries from a car accident that was not your fault, you should obtain help from an experienced auto accident lawyer. Some other common types of personal injury claims are:

    These claims exist because a party had a duty to act with reasonable care, but they failed to do so.

    What is the time limit to bring the claim?

    If you’ve been injured in an accident, you should speak with an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options.  In Nevada, there is a two year statute of limitations during which accident victims must bring their claims. Nev. Rev. Stat. § 11.190(4)(e) (2016) .  This means that injury victims have just two years from the date of their injuries to file a personal injury claim. If you wait longer than two years, your claim will be dismissed and you will receive no compensation.

    What is your claim worth?

    Car accident victims will frequently want to know how much their potential personal injury claim is worth. It’s understandable that a victim wants to know the answer to this question. They may be facing expensive medical bills, insurance claims, time out of work, and the costs of replacing their damaged personal property. All of these bills can add up fast. The at-fault driver who caused the injury should be responsible for paying for the property damage and medical care.

    Unfortunately, putting a value on a car accident lawsuit is not so simple. There are many factors that will affect how much money you will ultimately receive. Things like your future ability to work and whether you will ever fully recover are possible issues a court will take into account. An experienced personal injury law firm should be able to give you an estimate on the value of your car accident case.

    If you or a family member has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, work with an experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney will fight to protect your rights. Nevada law protects innocent victims from the at-fault parties that caused them injury. If you have been injured by the reckless or negligent actions of another, contact the law offices of Anthem Injury Lawyers. We will offer you a free initial consultation. In this consultation, we will review the facts and explain how we can help you with your car accident case. If we represent you, we talk to the insurance companies, negotiate to reduce your medical bills, and fight to win you a monetary award. This will free you up to focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

    Speak with a Lawyer In Las Vegas first

    Call a car accident attorney before you speak with any insurance companies. If an insurance company tries to contact you, let them know you have a Las Vegas car accident lawyer. Then provide them with your car accident lawyer’s contact information. Following an accident, the other side’s insurance company will often try to get you to settle your case for a low-ball amount. Never sign, accept, or deposit a payout or anything from the other party or their insurance company without consulting your personal injury lawyer first. If you hire us, we will work with you to ensure that you understand the process and determine the best course of action. We will work with the other party's insurance company on your behalf as well.

    We work on a contingency fee basis. This means that there are no upfront fees and if we lose your case, you owe nothing. We will come to you at home or travel to the hospital if necessary. We are available to accept cases all over the State of Nevada. This includes Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Reno, and all of Clark County. There are no attorney fees upfront until you have received your financial compensation. Start working with us today. Contact us today at (702) 745-8040 for a free case evaluation.

    I was just in an automobile accident. Should I call a Las Vegas car accident lawyer?

    If anyone has been seriously injured, the first step is to call 911. Getting immediate medical attention is the top priority. Even if you immediately feel fine, consider seeing a doctor to get a check-up. Some injuries may not show up until later. If there are no serious injuries, but property has been damaged, make sure to reach the police. Give them your statement and obtain a police report. In Las Vegas, you can dial 311. Next, you should ask for personal, phone number, and insurance information from all other drivers and witnesses. Record the license plate number of the vehicles involved in the collision. Remember to take pictures of the relevant evidence, like the accident scene, position of each vehicle on the road, any property damage, and injuries. Then, seek assistance from a Las Vegas car accident attorney.

    It's important to use an accident attorney who is local, even if you are an out-of-town visitor. Each state and city has different rules and regulations. A car accident lawyer in Las Vegas will understand certain local laws and trial procedures that an out-of-state lawyer will not. It's also important to select a lawyer who specializes in this practice area.

    How To Prove Negligence

    In a Las Vegas personal injury case, an injured victim or plaintiff needs to show that the other party acted negligently. In other words, the other person and caused the accident and the victim’s injuries.

    When proving comparative negligence, your attorney will need to demonstrate these elements:

    1. Duty of care – The defendant owed the plaintiff a duty to act with reasonable care. For example, the negligent driver of an automobile had a responsibility to drive safely, follow traffic laws, and to avoid harm to other motorists.
    2. Breach of duty – By not driving safely, the defendant breached their duty to the plaintiff. For example, by driving recklessly at a high speed and causing a car wreck, they put the plaintiff in harm’s way. By breaching their duty of care, the defendant has liability for any injuries and damages they caused to other people.
    3. Causation – The defendant’s actions caused the plaintiff’s injuries. For example, because the defendant was driving aggressively, speeding, or ran a red light, they hit the plaintiff’s car and caused injuries.
    4. Harm/Damages – The plaintiff suffered losses as a result of the accident and injuries. For example, the plaintiff sustained damages, including medical expenses, punitive damages, lost wages, bodily injury, and pain and suffering.
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