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    September 17 2018

    There are some things we can never fully comprehend; children getting cancer tops that list.

    This fact of life was ever so apparent at “An Evening Of Hope,” hosted by the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada this past weekend.

    Cancer is extremely distressing and debilitating – even for adults. But when it attacks children, it is especially devastating. This is the reason we serve as board members of this great local charity fighting childhood cancer. In fact, we are incredibly proud of the work they have been doing in Southern Nevada for four decades now.

    Candlelighters was chartered in 1978 by two families, each of whom had a child being treated for cancer. Candlelighters is an organization that understands how cancer affects entire families. They offer a family-centric approach to care in which programs and services are available not only to the diagnosed child but their siblings and parents as well.

    This past weekend also marked the Candlelighters’ 40th Anniversary. Zoey Boey kick-started the event with a heart-wrenching father-daughter and mother-son dance. A pivotal and sobering moment, we saw the dance floor fill up with silent emotions as families held each other tight and swayed to the music as if taking a short break from their long, arduous battle ahead.

    Candlelighters 40th Anniversary – Zoey Boey on the stage!

    Each year, the event has an art auction with several beautiful paintings by children fighting cancer. This year, we won the “Puppy Pout” painting for our office.

    We won the”Puppy Pout” painting at the art auction. With our respective spouses.
    Won the Star Wars artwork

    Everything in life seems trivial when children’s lives are on the line. As board members, we closely watch the organization and volunteers work hard to alleviate the pain that comes with this disease. We also hear heart-wrenching stories of families going through immense pain and suffering. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from working with the Candlelighters, it is this: Never put anything off to do later. Go to their games, take that trip together, and continue to make beautiful memories with your children and loved ones.

    If you know someone who could benefit from the Candlelighters, go to
    If you would like to make a difference in the life of a family, go to


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