Back To School Driving Tips For Teen Drivers And Their Parents

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    August 9 2019

    It’s that time of the year when teen drivers will buckle up and get behind the wheel. It’s also a time of anxiety for parents of new teen drivers.

    Your child recently got a driver’s license and loves her newfound freedom. While you appreciate their confidence, you also want them to be safe.

    The morning rush, school buses, and other teen drivers dashing into the parking lot cause additional challenges.

    Most teens admit that driving to school is the primary reason for them having their driver’s license.

    Here are seven other points you should discuss with your teen drivers if you haven’t already.

    1. Enroll Them In a Defensive Driving School. Consider enrolling your children in defensive driving programs built for teenage drivers. These programs go beyond just teaching students how to drive and the rules of the road,etc., by putting participants in common emergencies, within a safe, controlled, off-street environment. They can practice skid and collision control to hone their defensive driving skills and make up for other drivers’ errors.

    2. Get Roadside Assistance. Consider getting roadside assistance for your family. For new/ teen drivers, a vehicular breakdown can cause massive anxiety. It is also safer to stay in the car while on the highway until professional help arrives.

    3. Educate them on driving in a variety of weather conditions. The road is slippery right after it rains in Las Vegas. Educate them on such and other weather conditions before they buckle up.

    4. Teach them to inspect the car periodically. In the beginning, check the car with them and show them what to look out for during an inspection.

    5. Get an app. Apps like Life 360 can be beneficial as you will be able to see their driving summary, like driving speeds, routes taken, etc. In addition to knowing where your teen is, these will also show you their driving habits.

    6. Tell them to reroute if they need to. Some routes may have “look and go turns” on busy intersections, which can pose a challenge for new drivers. Help them find alternative routes so they can avoid more dangerous roads.

    7. Have them watch out for intersections. Often, others may not be following traffic rules and stopping at the red signals.

      And as a bonus, have your teen drivers read up all the blogs on our website. We have many blog posts dedicated to safe driving.

    Finally, always lead by example. Your children are highly likely to emulate you, even when it comes to driving. Therefore, always set a good example when you are behind the wheel.

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    Published by Puneet K. Garg

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