Anthem Injury Lawyers Supports Pinecrest Academy and Wallin Elementary through Apex Fun Run

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    December 16 2019

    Anthem Injury Lawyers supports local initiatives that help make Southern Nevada a better place to live, work and grow. The firm’s participation in the recent Apex Fun Run, supported local schools so they could raise funds for supplies and programs.

    Anthem Injury Lawyers Supports Pinecrest Academy and Wallin Elementary through Apex Fun Run

    Las Vegas, NV (December 11, 2019) – Henderson-based Anthem Injury Lawyers participated in the Apex Fun Run to support local schools, Pinecrest Academy Inspirada and Wallin Elementary. Through the Fun Run, Anthem Injury Lawyers helped raise funds for school supplies and programs including Wallin Elementary’s Financial Literacy Program, while serving as positive role models to students learning about leadership.

    Funds Raised for Two Nevada Schools

    Pinecrest Academy Inspirada is a public charter school located in Henderson, NV. With a focus on STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) education, Pinecrest is also a Governor designated STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) school as of April 2018. Shirley & Bill Wallin Elementary is an official Blue Ribbon public school. In 2017, Wallin Elementary was recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as an “Exemplary High Performing” school.

    Apex Leadership Co. Fun Run Promotes Fitness & Leadership to Elementary School Students

    Apex Fun Run is part of the Apex Leadership Co, which promotes fitness and leadership to elementary school students while fundraising for their schools through a 2-week leadership training program. Apex Fun Run has supported over 3000 schools in 30 states and raised over 50 million dollars to date. Their mission is to build the next generation’s leaders in a “hassle-free” way with their fun fundraising events, which all begin with a pep rally to get the students excited for the main event. Over the following two weeks, Apex team members bring leadership lessons, team building and fitness to the schools. The program culminates with the fitness event.

    Apex Leadership Co. was built by educators for schools. Their programs include Apex Serve, which focuses on acts of service, Apex Remix, an indoor fitness event that includes a glow-in-the-dark dance party, Apex Obstacle Course, and Apex Color Battle, a fun and colorful event geared towards middle school students, in addition to their staple Apex Fun Run. Through these high energy programs Apex Leadership Co. is able to raise 70% more funds than other fundraisers while introducing fitness and leadership development to young students.    

    Anthem Injury Lawyers Specializes in Nevada Personal Injury & Employment Law

    Award-winning personal injury law firm Anthem Injury Lawyers is a team of experienced, dedicated personal injury lawyers and case managers based in Henderson, NV, serving Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Reno, and Clark County. With over 25 years of experience, Anthem specializes in employment law and personal injury claims. They offer complimentary consultations.

    Anthem Injury Lawyers’ Strong Ties to Southern Nevada

    Anthem Injury Lawyers has strong ties Southern Nevada.  Founding Partner Puneet K. Garg, Esq. and his parents moved to Southern Nevada in 1996.  Puneet thereafter graduated from Green Valley High School.  After attending the UNLV Honors College for two years, Puneet decided to finish his undergraduate studies in Accounting at the University of Arizona.  After obtaining his undergraduate degree, Puneet returned to Southern Nevada and attended the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV.  Thereafter, Puneet clerked at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Nevada.  After this clerkship, Puneet clerked for the Supreme Court of Nevada.

    Prior to founding Anthem Injury Lawyers, Founding Partner Anthony B. Golden, Esq. was also a clerk at the Supreme Court of Nevada. After his Supreme Court clerkship, Anthony joined a national law firm practicing commercial and business litigation.  After a few years, Anthony transitioned to a national labor and employment law firm and became a partner at that firm.  Anthony specialized in representing large and small businesses.

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